The Science Scam

(8/2013) The science scam is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated in the history of humankind and it has done incalculable harm to individuals and to our civilization. This hoax has been carried out by scientists who deny the true nature of human consciousness revealed by the existence of ESP and the afterlife and it has been going on since at least the 1860's.

How many billions of people suffer unnecessary grief for lost loved ones who are not really dead but are continuing their existence in another dimension? How many billions of people live in fear of death unnecessarily because they are ignorant of the empirical evidence showing there is an afterlife? How many people suffer unnecessarily from ethnic and religious conflicts that would cease if everyone knew the true nature of the soul and its evolution? How much cruelty continues to be inflicted on victims that would never be inflicted if people understood that when you hurt another person you also hurt yourself? How much selfishness continues to exist that would cease if people understood that you prepare the conditions you will experience in the afterlife by the actions you take in the physical life?

All this suffering continues to occur because some scientists refuse to give up their self-appointed role as the sole source of knowledge about the universe and their artificial and unscientific attachment to philosophical naturalism as the only way to obtain knowledge about the cosmos. This leads them to reject the many independent forms of evidence for ESP and the afterlife which show that human consciousness is not produced by matter, not produced by the brain, but can and does continue to exist after the death of the physical body.

In the sections below, you will find links to my blog, web site, and outside sources that explain:

The Evidence for ESP and the afterlife

There are many independent forms of evidence for ESP and the afterlife. This evidence shows that human consciousness is not subject to the physical laws known to science and therefore cannot be produced by any physical process in the brain. The evidence also shows that consciousness can exist independently of the brain, and that there is an afterlife.

Evidence for the Afterlife

Proof of ESP: 1871 - 1997. Beating the Odds at Ten Million Billion Billion to One.

The section ESP is not Produced by the Brain in Near-death Experiences and Afterlife Phenomena explains how the existence of ESP shows that consciousness is not produced by the brain.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles on ESP and the Afterlife at

Materialism Cannot Explain Consciousness

Mrs. Piper: Evidence for Survival After Death

Telekinesis Proved In 1871

Interview with Chris Carter by Jime of Subversive Thinking

Evidence That God Exists: People Who Have Near Death Experiences Meet God.

What Near Death Experiencers Have to Say About Reincarnation

Near-Death Experiences are Real



The history of the science scam as recounted here, begins around 1860 with T. H. Huxley and his X Club which forced philosophical naturalism into the scientific mainstream. Philosophical naturalism restricts science to the study of nature and natural laws, eliminating from the purview of science phenomena such as ESP and the afterlife which would seem to defy natural law. This is unscientific because science should be about the search for truth through empirical observation wherever it leads. Science should not be limited by philosophical or metaphysical beliefs. The depth to which pseudoskepticism runs in science is seen in the many scientific discoveries initially ridiculed by scientists but later deemed important.

T. H. Huxley: Accidental Founder of Modern Pseudo-skepticism

Charles Darwin Refutes Materialism

Charlatans, Demagogues, and Scientists

The History of Important Scientific Discoveries Initially Rejected and Ridiculed



Here are a few scientists and others who resisted the science scam, and a few who participated in it.

Marcello Truzzi, an honest skeptic.

The Best Skeptic is an Ex-Skeptic! Some of the Best and Worst Skeptics of the Twentieth Century

Interview with Near-Death Researcher Sam Parnia

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander: Heaven is real and consciousness is not produced by the brain.

Skeptiko Interview with Dr. Melvin Morse

Eminent Researchers This article lists twelve Nobel prize winning scientists and many other notable scientists who believed in some paranormal, psychic or afterlife phenomena because of their own research, their own experiences, or the research of others. Some of the names may surprise you. Nobelists include: Max Planck, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrödinger, J. J. Thomson, Brian D. Josephson, Charles Robert Richet, John William Strutt, Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, Eugene Wigner, John Eccles, and Otto Stern. Other scientists include: Charles Darwin, Kurt Gödel, Alan Turing, Wernher von Braun, David Bohm, Karl Popper, Sir William Crookes, and Sir Robert Boyle. Robert Boyle is one of the greatest scientist of all time. In the book "Extraordinary Knowing", Elizabeth Mayer describes Boyle as the father of modern chemistry, the founder of the Royal Society of London, and the author of Boyle's Law.



Why are Most Scientists Skeptics?

George Orwell: "... the scientists themselves would benefit by a little education." Darwin agrees.

Skeptics Whose Critical Thinking Skills are Stunted by Church Logic


Pseudoskepticism Harms Everyone

Why I write about materialist pseudoskeptics.

The Harm Caused by Pseudoskepticism

Skepticism, The Big Lie. Activist Skeptics and Atheists are a Danger to the Health and Well Being of Believers.

Materialism: Meaning is an illusion. Science: People need meaning to thrive.

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part II

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part III

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part IV

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part V

Skeptical Misdirection



If you read the links above, and those that follow, you will understand that ordinary people should not be afraid to disagree with the views of mainstream scientists because scientists are often biased and mistaken. Furthermore, science is not the only means of obtaining truth. It is possible to know things without science. Science has been around for barely a few hundred years, yet people have amassed huge amounts of empirical knowledge for millennia. Drop a scientist into a desert or a tropical jungle and he will be dead in a day or two, unless he happens to have native inhabitants of those environments to show him how to survive in the wilderness. Look at the ruins of past civilizations and you will see great architectural accomplishments that were accomplished before any one ever thought about the scientific method. Willow bark was used as an analgesic long before science discovered the aspirin in it. Moldy bread was used to treat infections long before penicillin was discovered.

Therefore citizens should demand that government research funds be spent on research into ESP and the afterlife regardless of what mainstream scientist think about these subjects.

Powerless Pseudoskeptics

Study Suggests More People Willing to Believe in ESP When Told It's Been Scientifically Disproven


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