Friday, August 9, 2013

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part II

(Part I will be posted after Part II.)

On a discussion forum I am a memeber of, someone asked:

Are skeptics mean?

I replied, which I will post later as Part I. In my reply I asked:

How can we help them?

Someone answered:

Perhaps it will help to show them the error of their ways?

I thought I would give it a try. This was my reply:

Just look at any near-death experience thread. There are thousands of people who have had near-death experiences, who say the afterlife is permeated with love, that the afterlife is just by any sane definition of justice, that consciousness is eternal, that we are all connected, etc. etc. Knowledge of this gives hope, purpose and meaning to people, it consoles people, deters suicide, eases grief and fear of death. Not just for people who have near-death experiences, but for millions of people who learn about other people who have near-death experiences.

What kind of people would resort to wrong explanations to discredit the reality of those near-death experiences?

Next, read this post by a new member of another forum:


My name is -----,

I found out a year ago that my daughter and I have psychic abilities. I am so happy to have found this forum. It is very isolating (and shame producing) when you are seeing, hearing, smelling,and feeling things that other people don't seem to. I am just glad that my daughter, who is 11, has similar experiences.

I am coming to terms with these abilities, although I cried for many months, was angry, terrified and angry at God because I have always felt different from other people to begin with.I was extremely sensitive.

How many tens of thousands of people go through this needless anguish because the truth of ESP has been prevented from being accepted by all sectors of society?

What kind of people work to make life miserable for an innocent person, often a child, to make it hard for them to get reliable information about their psychic experiences, to make them think they are crazy or self-deluded, and to treat them like liars?

Finally, consider that some people advocate materialism, an irrational philosophy that makes people feel hopelessly alone in a brief, pointless, existence, in an amoral, meaningless, and desolate universe. They attempt to destroy hope, love, meaning, purpose and all the higher aspirations that other people find in their lives by claiming all those are illusions. They claim they do feel meaning and higher sentiments but everything else they say (eg, see all the questions above) reveals their true beliefs are the exact opposite.

What kind of people would do that?

I don't mean to rouse anger in people or to spread hatred by this post. I've written before that I do not believe all pseudoskeptics are bad people. However I think it is important that everyone understand the harmful effects of pseudoskepticism are not theoretical, they are real.

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