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A Synthesis of Spiritual Healing and Qi Gong

Here is a way to practice self healing, distant healing, and healing for the world that combines elements of spiritual healing and qi gong. The purpose of the exercise is to develop the ability to bring healing energy through you for healing for yourself and others, and also to develop the ability to feel the healing energy. Before doing this exercise you should read my web page on Spiritual Healing. For more information on qi gong you may read Spiritual Healing Development with Qi Gong,
Sensing the Qualities of Qi, and
Sensing the Qualities of Qi (part 2).

The "Sending Out" and "Bringing In" Positions

  • Stand comfortably in a natural posture with your arms at your sides. Your weight should be balanced between the balls of your feet and your heels. Your weight should not be too far forward toward your toes or too far backward on your heels. Don't worry getting it exactly right but it should be balanced so you require the least effort in the muscles of your ankles to remain upright. Your feet can be approximately shoulder width apart. A little less is okay but they should not be too close together. The knees may be slightly bent or straight. Keeping the knees straight will put less strain on them. Bending them slightly will help loosen and straighten the spine.

  • Bend your elbows so that the back of your hands come up to your shoulders. Then move your hands away from you and down by relaxing your elbows to about 45 degrees (or whatever feels comfortable) with your palms turned away from you. Your fingers should be straight but you don't have to strain to make them perfectly straight. The fingers should spread naturally, don't force them apart or together. This is the "sending out" position.

  • Turn your hands so that the palms are facing toward you. This is the "bringing in" position.

  • As you do the exercise below, you may feel your posture improving. If you tend to slump your shoulders, you may find your back straightening. This is nothing to be concerned about, let it happen naturally. Don't force it or strain or maintain an unnatural or uncomfortable posture.

  • This exercise can also be done sitting down, moving the arms and hands as described for the standing posture.

The stick figure below depicts both the "sending out" and "bringing in" positions.

The Exercise

  1. Stand in the "bringing in" position (with palms facing you), and pray silently, "Oh God, please may I have healing energy to give me healing for the highest good". Say this two or three times so it is clearly impressed in your mind as you say it. While you are doing that, imagine healing energy coming down into you from above into your head and hands.

  2. Next, bring your hands in front of your chest so that the palms are facing each other. Slowly move your palms together until they are as close as you can get them without them touching. Your finger tips might be as close as one millimeter apart. Then, slowly move your right hand away while leaving the left hand stationary. When you have moved your right hand about eight inches, pause. Then slowly return the right hand to where it was so it is close to the left hand, palms facing each other. Pause. Repeat this a few times noticing any sensations in your finger tips or the palms of your hands. Repeat this moving the left hand and keeping the right hand stationary. Pay close attention to the sensation in the stationary hand.

  3. Cup both hands as if you were holding a ball approximately four inches in diameter or whatever size feels comfortable. If you have large hands it might be bigger, if you have small hands it might be smaller. Now turn your hands, still "holding the ball" so one is on top and the other is on the bottom. Notice any sensations in the bottom hand. Turn your hands so the other is on top and the other is on the bottom and notice any sensations in the bottom hand. You can do this once or twice or more if you want to.

  4. Throughout the following steps, hold your hands an inch or two or slightly more away from your body without actually touching it. Notice any sensations in your hands or your body where you move your hands near it. In particular, pay attention to these sensations as your hands pass over the top of the head, the forehead, the face, temples, the nape of the neck, the shoulders, the front of the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the abdomen below the navel, and the root chakra.

  5. Move your hands to the top of your head with the palms facing the top of your head. Notice any sensations in your hands or the top of your head. This step and the following steps can all be done in one continuous flowing motion, there is no need to stop in between steps.

  6. Slowly move your hands down in front of your face, noticing any sensations.

  7. Move your hands to the sides of your head so your palms are facing your ears.

  8. Move your hands back so your palms are facing the back of your neck where the neck and shoulders meet. As you notice any sensations, also imagine energy flowing from your hands down your spine to the base of the spine.

  9. Move your hands outward along your shoulders with your palms facing downward (horizontally).

  10. Move your hands with the palms facing toward you vertically so they are in front of your throat. As in the other steps in the exercise, notice any sensation in your hands or the part of the body the hands are facing.

  11. Move your hands downward so that the palms pass over your breasts, and continue down past the solar plexus and the lower abdomen.

  12. Move your hands downward across the pelvis, and down the thighs until your hands are in front of your thighs and your elbows are straight. As your hands pass down your thighs point the palms toward your knees and feet and imagine healing energy flowing from your hands down your legs and to your knees and feet.

  13. Bend your elbows to bring your hands up to the "sending out" position. Imagine healing energy coming down into your head and hand and pray silently, "Oh God, please move healing energy through me to where it's needed for the highest good." If there are any people you would like to send healing to, continue praying, "And please move healing energy to [name the people you would like to receive distant healing] to give them healing for their highest good."

  14. Turn your palms back toward yourself in the "bringing in" position and repeat the entire exercise as many times as you like. Continuing for ten minutes is a suggestion.

When you do this exercise you may feel a lot of energy coming into you when you are in the "bringing in" position. You might also feel warmth coming from your hands as you move them close to your skin, particularly when they are in front of your face and in back of your neck. As your hands pass over some of the chakras you may feel sensations in the chakras.

If you are interested in psychic development, after doing this exercise you can do Exercise 3 or Exercise 4 on my web page A Natural Method for Learning To Communicate with Spirits. Substitute this exercise for the meditation portions of those exercises. After you finish this exercise, lie down and try to go into the hypnogogic state as described in those exercises. You should read the entire page, if you haven't already done so, before you start exercise 3 or 4.

When you are in the beginning stages of learning this technique, you may spend more time on steps 1, 2, and 3 in order to concentrate on learning to feel the healing energy.

You can customize this technique for self healing, by eliminating step 13 or by doing only step 1 for the entire session.

Another form of mental healing involves visualizing your immune cells winning a fight against harmful viruses, bacteria, or cancer cells. One way to do this is to visualize your immune cells engulfing and destroying, for example, any harmful virus particles in your body. You can combine this with the self-healing techniques described above, for example, in step 1. You can even visualize the healing energy adding power to your immune cells to help them in their fight.

There is quite a lot of similarity between qi gong and spiritual healing. Qi gong is usually done standing up as is spiritual healing. The sending out position is similar to a qi gong posture and is also similar to the way spiritual healing is given where the hands placed on the shoulders of the recipient.

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