Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Kind of People are Pseudoskeptics? Part IV

In a previous post, I explained that evidence of the afterlife eases grief and fear of death, it deters suicide, and gives hope, meaning, and purpose to people's lives. Also, preventing the acceptance of the fact of ESP throughout all sectors of society cauess emotional distress for people who experience ESP and don't know what it means and wonder if they are going crazy and at the same time other people may think they are crazy, deluded, or a liar.

Considering these facts, it is enlightening to observe several items from my web page on Skeptical Misdirection that show the deceptive tactics that pseudoskeptics use to try to fool people into disbelieving in ESP and the afterlife and other paranormal phenomena.

  • Richard Dawkins asked Rupert Sheldrake to participate in a documentary film on irrational beliefs but Dawkins refused to discuss evidence that telepathy is genuine which would mean that belief in telepathy is not irrational.

  • Martin Gardner made false statements about skeptics failing to replicate parapsychological results when the skeptics never even tried to replicate them.

  • Martin Gardner claimed psychic medium Mrs Piper used cold reading techniques. He neglected to say that she had many successful readings using proxy sitters who knew nothing about the actual spirits that were coming through.

  • James Randi made false statements attempting to debunk a video of dog telepathy when he never even watched the tape. He was forced to retract his statements.

  • CISCOP fellows had to make six errors in a statistical analysis in order to hide evidence that astrology might have some basis in fact.

  • Susan Blackmore justified her claim that she could not demonstrate any paranormal phenomena by ignoring her own studies that demonstrated a paranormal effect.

  • Wiseman and Hyman tested the 17 year old Russian school girl Natasha Demkina's ability to make psychic diagnoses. She beat odds of 78 to 1 against chance, a statistically significant result. Twenty to one is the usual scientific standard. Wiseman said she failed and mistakenly said she achieved odds of 50 to 1. Hyman told her to forget her delusions. The commentator said she would return to Russia discredited.

  • Houdini's assistant tried to plant fake evidence to discredit a psychic medium Mina Crandon. Her spirit guides exposed the plot. Houdini's assistant later admitted planting the evidence.

  • More at Skeptical Misdirection including pseudoskeptics paying for fake confessions and fake accusations of fraud.

What kind of people would treat a 17 year old school girl visiting from a foreign country like that? She demonstrated a statically significant effect. Discrediting her could prevent her from using her abilities to help people suffering from illnesses.

What kind of people would use those tactics to discredit evidence for the afterlife and ESP when doing so could cause people to suffer anguish, grief, confusion, or it could result in suicides that would otherwise be prevented?

Someone asked why pseudoskeptics do this. I replied this way:

Why do pseudoskeptics cling to materialism?

They are afraid of being embarrassed when the truth is finally accepted by all sectors of society.

Mainstream science has been saying unambiguously, emphatically, and repeated that alternatives to materialism are false and that the empirical evidence against materialism is invalid for far longer than a hundred years.

When it becomes generally accepted throughout all sectors of society that this denial of the truth is the greatest scam in history, deliberately perpetrated on humanity, Science will be disgraced beyond any possibility of recovering its reputation. It will have to live in a future of infamy lesser only to that of governments guilty of genocide.

What could be more important to humanity than the knowledge that the afterlife is real? What could be more important to science than huge gaps in its understanding of the universe revealed by the empirical evidence for ESP and the afterlife? By clinging to the false religion of Materialism despite several independent forms of overwhelming, extrordinary, empirical evidence to the contrary, Science has betrayed humanity and itself, by neglecting its duty to Truth.

Imagine what the world will be like when it is a generally accepted scientific fact that human consciousness survives death, and that everyone will have to experience in a life review or future incarnation the harm they have inflicted on others during their life. The world will be an incalculably better place because it will be an established scientific fact that when you harm another person you are harming yourself. How much pain and suffering could have been avoided if materialism had not been advocated so strongly by scientists? How different the world will be when everyone knows that there is an afterlife waiting for us after death where the atmosphere is permeated with love and all souls are aware of their interconnectedness and brotherhood.

The shame and guilt that is the due of Science is so great that those who have adopted Scientism as their religion, those materialists whom the blame will fall upon, will do whatever is necessary, consciously or unconsciously, to prevent the truth that materialism is false from becoming accepted through all sectors of society.

Copyright © 2013 by ncu9nc All rights reserved. Texts quoted from other sources are Copyright © by their owners.

Copyright © 2013 by ncu9nc All rights reserved. Texts quoted from other sources are Copyright © by their owners.