Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why I write about materialist pseudoskeptics.

I would like to explain that the reason I have been posting about pseudoskepticism is because pseudoskeptics have obscured the truth of the afterlife and ESP and this harms every human being. The materialist pseudoskeptics have also harmed specific groups of people such as people who experience psychic phenomena, and people who believe in God.

Because of pseudoskepticism, people are ridiculed for believing things that are true. That is harm. People are ridiculed for mentioning their psychic experiences, they may wonder if they are going crazy, or if they are deluding themselves. They may have trouble finding reliable information that would explain what is happening to them. That is harm. If people are deceived into believing something that is false such as materialism, that is also harm. Particularly, knowledge of the afterlife eases grief, and fear of death, and it deters suicide. If people are led to doubt belief in the afterlife which near-death experiencers tell us is permeated with love and in which all souls know their connectedness and brotherhood, people may feel life is pointless, purposeless, and meaningless. That is harm.

The society you live in influences you in many different ways. Even if you have knowledge of the afterlife and ESP, you still live in a society with many people who are deluded. If everyone understood the spiritual truth that when you harm another person you harm yourself, society would be different. Knowledge of both the life review and reincarnation where a person may experience for himself the harm he caused other people, tells a person that when they harm another person they harm themselves.

Compared to all the people materialist pseudoskeptics have harmed by obscuring the truth about ESP and the afterlife, the good they have done by exposing a few two-bit charlatans is microscopic.

The view that materialist pseudoskeptics have caused great harm to our society is not widely held, only because most people who know the truth never stop to think about it. That makes them more complacent about pseudoskepticism and I think that needs to change. Most people believe in ESP and the afterlife and if there were more people outraged at the materialist scientific scam and if they recognized that outrage was justified, the pseudoskeptics would feel social pressure and it would weaken their position in society and it would hasten the paradigm shift and end the ability of materialist pseudoskeptics to harm other people.

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