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Using a Psi Wheel to Practice Spiritual Healing.

You can make a simple device that will respond to spiritual healing energy. You can use this device to practice and develop your ability to do spiritual healing.

The device is called a psi wheel. It is a small pinwheel that will turn when you place your hand near it but without touching it. You can make one easily yourself, or you can purchase one. Science cannot explain why a psi wheel turns when you place your hand near it, or when it is inside a jar or how a jar can be magnetized to turn a psi wheel without placing your hand near it.

Here is how to make a psi wheel:

You will need:

  • Aluminum foil (some people use paper but I find aluminum foil works much better than paper).
  • An eraser
  • A needle
  • A ruler
  • Scissors

Use the scissors to cut a square piece of aluminum foil two inches on a side.

Fold it in half horizontally.

Fold it in half vertically.

Turn it over.

Fold it diagonally to the right.

Fold it diagonally to the left.

Now there are 8 creases radiating from the center of the square.

Fold each crease to create a diamond with four vanes.

Then unfold it a little bit to get the final pin wheel.

Push the eye of the needle into the eraser so the needle stands vertically with the point up.

Place the pinwheel on the tip of the needle.

Now that you've completed your psi wheel, try it out.

  • Sit at a desk or table away from anything that might create drafts such as an open window, fan, or air vent. Stray air currents might cause the psi wheel to move and would mask the effects of your hand.
  • If you want to use your right hand, put the psi wheel on the table a few inches to your right. If you want to use your left hand, put it on the table a few inches to your left. A psi wheel will respond to your hand better if it is not directly in front of your torso and if neither your hand or arm is directly in front of your torso.
  • Place the palm of your hand near the wheel (see the video below). Try to sit with your neck, shoulder, and arm relaxed. You may find it comfortable, if your chair has armrests, to put the wheel and your hand near the edge of table and your elbow on the armrest of the chair.
  • Getting the psi wheel to turn does not require any special powers. It should work for most people without any effort on their part beyond putting their hand near it. At first, it is usually best if you don't think about it or look at it or try to do anything to make it turn. Worrying about whether it will turn may have a negative effect. Try meditating with your eyes closed or reading something and after a minute or so look at the wheel to see if it is turning. The wheel will usually turn counter clockwise if you use your right hand and clockwise if you use your left hand. Once you experience it turning for a little while you will probably be able to watch it without inhibiting it.

If the wheel doesn't start turning after a minute or so, check the following:

Technical Issues:

  • Gently bump the wheel with your finger to make sure it spins freely and is balanced on the needle. Make sure the bottom points of the wheel do not bump into the eraser.
  • Try moving the wheel a little bit on the tip of the needle. This can be particularly helpful if the wheel turns one way and then the other repeatedly without completing a full revolution, or if the wheel slows down at the same point in every rotation. That type of behavior means the wheel is not balanced correctly and you can try to improve the balance by moving the wheel slightly with respect to the tip of the needle.
  • Be sure the psi wheel is not directly in front of your torso but is a few inches off to the side and use the hand on the same side of your body.
  • Make sure the wheel is not bumping into or in contact with your hand.
  • If the table or desk you are using is cluttered and there are objects, particularly metal objects, computer equipment, or electronic gadgets, near your hand, move them several inches away from your hand.
  • Try cutting out another piece of aluminum foil, make another wheel, and try that one.

Energy Field Issues:

  • Try relaxing your hand, or straightening your fingers, or spreading your fingers for a second or two.
  • Try putting the psi wheel on the other side of your body and using your other hand.
  • Go out for a walk for twenty minutes to an hour and try the psi wheel when you get back. Or, try some other type of mild exercise. This is probably the most important suggestion on this list, it is best way for a beginner to quickly increase his energy field.
  • Do qi gong exercises to strengthen your energy field.
  • If you are sleepy, fatigued, hungry, or ill, the wheel might not spin. Try later when you are feeling stronger.
If you can't get a homemade psi wheel to work, purchasing one at the link above may be a good alternative. The commercial ones turn with much less friction and are much easier to use. Reading the instructions for the Egely Wheel may also help you get your homemade wheel working. This article by Dr. Parisetti, which describes his experience learning to use a psi wheel, may also be helpful.

To use the psi wheel to practice spiritual healing, first you have to learn spiritual healing. My web site explains how to do that. I also suggest you read my article on A Synthesis of Spiritual Healing and Qi Gong which describes a good technique for improving your ability to use healing energy.

To use the psi wheel to practice spiritual healing, sit at a desk or table and imagine the spiritual healing energy coming down into you through the top of your head. Understand that the energy flows though your arms and out your hands, maintain loving intentions if possible, but your concentration should be primarily on the energy coming into you from above.

You can repeat a prayer such as one of these:

As you do this, place your hand near the psi wheel. If you have two psi wheels, you can use one with each hand (but they will probably turn slower than one alone so you may want to get some practice first before you try this with two wheels). It is usually better to close your eyes since thinking about the wheels will distract you from the healing meditation. However you can peek once in a while to see if the wheels are turning.

You should find that if you concentrate on the healing meditation, the psi wheel will turn, but if your mind wanders or you stop the flow of energy through your hands, the wheel will slow down or stop. Practicing this way should help you improve your concentration and develop your ability as a spiritual healer.

If you try using two psi wheels, one near each hand, and find one turns much faster than the other, or one does not turn at all, try the following:

  • Try just one psi wheel, and use it with the slow or stopped hand. Once it begins to turn well, try going back to two wheels.
  • If you are sleepy, fatigued, hungry, or ill try later when you are feeling stronger.
  • The problem may be due to a misalignment in the vertebrae of the neck. The nerves that go from the brain to the hand pass through the vertebrae of the neck. A misalignment in the neck vertebrae can adversely affect those nerves and reduce the hand's ability to turn a psi wheel. If you sometimes have discomfort in your neck, that could be a symptom of misaligned vertebrae. Try doing some gentle stretches to loosen the neck muscles: Move your head by looking up and then down several times. Then then tilt your head to the left and to the right several times. Then look to the left and to the right several times. A chiropractor can make a diagnosis and suggest exercises to help maintain correct alignment of the neck vertebrae.

When you are done with a session, you can store your psi wheels in an upside down jar. Place your psi wheels on the upside down lid and place the wheels on the lid. Then screw the upside down jar over them. This will allow them to be transported easily and protect them from damage and it will protect people from being accidentally stuck by the needles. (Click on the image below for a larger version.):

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