Monday, August 20, 2012

Zerdini's World

Zerdini has started blogging at Zerdini's World. If you are interested in mediumship you will undoubtedly enjoy this blog. Zerdini has had vast personal experiences with some of the world's best mediums. Previously, he has posted and comented at various places on the internet but now his accumulated knowledge is being collected in one place. I've known him to be very helpful in answering questions and providing additional information, so if you have questions please don't hesitate to comment on his new blog.

About the Author:

I have over fifty years experience of mediumship having sat with some of the world’s finest mediums.

This website is about mediums and their mediumship – both mental and physical.

It has come about as a result of the many questions I’ve been asked on various blogs, forums and other websites.

There is a great deal of valuable information on mediumship, it is spread across many different sources. I decided to make some of my own experiences and knowledge available on one website so readers can make up their own minds, or at least begin the search for their own evidence.

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