Saturday, August 25, 2012

Objects That Contain Healing Power

This is the fourth post in my series on psi wheels.

In the first post, I discussed how everyone can measure the energy field surrounding their body with a psi wheel and how to use a psi wheel to measure this energy as you bring it into and through your body when you practice spiritual healing. In the second post, I discussed how the psi wheel shows that the energy in the field surrounding the body is the same as the energy that flows through you when you give spiritual healing to another person. In the third post I discussed using qi gong to increase the flow of healing energy (qi) through your body to help develop your abilities as a spiritual healer.

In this post I will discuss how to use an Egely wheel (a very sensitive psi wheel manufactured by the Egely Research Company) to demonstrate that healing energy can be stored in inanimate objects.

(The Videos shown below are only provided to illustrate the apparatus and phenomena that I have written about for those who are interested and who may want to try reproduce it themselves. The videos are too short in length and too close to the subject to be considered as proof of the phenomena. Since it is impossible to proving anything with a video, I have no plans to make more convincing videos. The proof of the phenomena will come when others reproduce them. One of the phenomena, turning a psi wheel covered by a jar by placing a hand on the jar, has been reported by many others. I am not aware of anyone else who has reported the second phenomenon: using the jar by itself to turn the wheel.)

When I first learned spiritual healing at a Spiritualist church I was taught that a healer can put healing energy into an inanimate object and then if another person holds that object, the healing energy will be transferred to the other person. I was able to test and confirm part of this belief using an Egely wheel. I was doing a healing meditation and monitoring the flow of healing energy with an Egely Vitality Meter. This is a very sensitive psi wheel. To be totally certain that no air currents were influencing the wheel I used a jar turned upside down to cover the wheel. The jar was made out of plastic, recycle number 1, PETE. I put my hand on the jar to spin the wheel. This is a very inefficient way to turn a psi wheel and the wheel turns much slower when covered with a jar - which is why I use the more sensitive Egely wheel when doing this rather than my homemade psi wheels. While this was occurring, I took the following video of it:

After meditating this way for twenty minutes, ten minutes with each hand turning the Egely wheel under the jar, I tried an experiment to see if the jar had retained any healing energy. I took away the jar covering the Egely wheel and waited for it to stop turning. Then I placed the jar near the wheel and took my hand away from it. The Egely wheel began to turn. While I did this, I took the video of it shown below. After several rotations I moved the jar away from the wheel and it soon stopped turning. I put the jar near it again and it began to turn once more. Another time, I let the jar turn the wheel for ten minutes. This length of time would rule out the possibility that the motion was caused by air currents created when the jar was placed near the wheel. I then took the jar away and the wheel stopped turning after a few seconds. Since the wheel stopped turning when the jar was removed, it is unlikely that air currents could be the cause of the movement of the wheel when the jar was next to it. I put the jar back and the wheel resumed turning and continued to turn for several minutes until I stopped the experiment.

This phenomenon is consistent with another observation about psi wheels. Psi wheels seem to turn in the opposite direction when they are under a jar than when they are uncovered and exposed directly to a hand. Usually, a psi wheel will turn clockwise when the left hand is placed near it and counterclockwise when the right hand is placed near it. However, if a jar is placed over the wheel, the wheel will turn clockwise when the right hand is placed near it and counterclockwise when the left hand is placed near it. This phenomenon suggests that the wheel is not turning inside the jar because some force field from the hand penetrates the jar, but because the force field from the hand induces a field in the jar - like two gears that turn in opposite directions when their teeth mesh. Interestingly the Egely wheel (and a home psi wheel to a lesser extent) is shaped like a gear. If a field is induced in the jar, it seems possible that the jar might retain the field once the hand was taken away as if it was magnetized (a la Franz Mesmer). This would explain why the jar without a hand near it would also cause the psi wheel to turn, whereas if it was simply the energy from the hand penetrating the jar that turned a covered wheel, that would not explain why a jar could turn a wheel without a hand near it.

These observations seem to confirms the belief that healing energy can be stored in inanimate objects. There is some scientific evidence in this area. Dean Radin published an article, Effects of Intentionally Enhanced Chocolate on Mood in the Elsevier journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 433-546 (September 2007), which describes how chocolate which had been prayed over elevated the mood of the people who ate it.

Update 9/5/12: I tried a slightly different experiment today. First I placed the plastic jar near the Egely wheel to make sure it did not have any residual "magnetism". Then, I did the healing meditation for five minutes turning two homemade psi wheels, one with each hand. Next, I stopped using any psi wheel and continued meditating with my right hand on the plastic jar in the same position as if it had the Egely wheel under it but without the wheel. After ten minutes with my hand on the jar, I placed the jar next to a stationary Egely wheel and took my hand away. The wheel began to spin counterclockwise and continued to turn until I moved the jar away after five minutes, then the wheel stopped turning.

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