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The Psi Wheel and Spiritual Healing: What Does it Mean?

The Psi Wheel and Spiritual Healing: What Does it Mean?

Yesterday I posted about How to Use a Psi Wheel to Practice Spiritual Healing. That post has significant implications:

  1. The human body is surrounded by an energy field.
  2. This energy field can influence matter.
  3. The healing energy used in spiritual healing is probably the same type of energy.
  4. This energy can be controlled with the mind. The method of control is unknown because the precise nature of the energy is unknown. The manner of mental control might be something ordinary like the way the mind can control muscles, or it might be something more paranormal.

The phenomenon of the psi wheel turning when a hand is placed near it is something that occurs with almost everyone and no effort or intention is necessary for the wheel to turn. This has been shown by George Egely. Egely received a Ph.D. in the field of energy transfer and he conducted extensive research and could not find any scientific explanation for this. The phenomenon indicates that the human body is surrounded by an energy field and that energy field can influence matter and cause the wheel to turn.

During my experimentation with a psi wheel, I discovered that performing a spiritual healing meditation increases the effect that causes the psi wheel to turn. During my experiments, I made no intention to spin the psi wheel. When I performed the spiritual healing meditation, I only visualized the healing energy flowing through me and out from my hands. I made no conscious thought or mental effort toward making the wheel turn. The fact that visualizing this energy emanating from my hand increased the rate at which the wheel turned when my hand was placed near the wheel suggests that the energy involved in spiritual healing is the same type of energy that always surrounds the body and that during spiritual healing, this energy is emitted in greater amounts than normal. This is also consistent with the observation by Egely that people who are ill are less able to spin a psi wheel.

All of this suggests several areas for further research:

  • Studies could be done to look for a correlation between the rate of rotation a healer can induce in an Egely wheel (a psi wheel with electronics that measure the rate of spin) and positive outcomes of their healing sessions. If a correlation can be shown experimentally, then the Egely wheel could be used in future research to quantify the amount of healing applied by a healer. It also might provide a way to rate healers and that information could be useful to patients looking for spiritual healing practitioners.
  • The position of the wheel with respect to the body seems to affect the rate of spin. The wheels seem to spin faster when off to the side and not directly in front of the user. This suggests that spiritual healers may be more effective if they hold their hands out to their sides rather than directly in front of their torso. If this effect could be shown experimentally to improve healing, this knowledge could be used by all energy healers to improve the treatments they give to their patients.
  • Some people report the ability to turn a psi wheel without using their hands. Many energy healers can give healings without being in the same location as the recipient of healing. Experiments could be done to determine if these two abilities are the same. If they are not the same phenomenon, it would still be interesting to learn if the ability to turn a psi wheel without placing the hand near it also has healing properties when applied to a patient.
  • Another question for experimental research is where does the energy that moves the psi wheel come from? In the spiritual healing I do, the energy is believed to come from outside the healer. If it could be shown by measuring the metabolic rate of a healer, that their metabolism cannot account for the work involved in turning the psi wheel, then that could support the belief that the healing energy comes from outside the healer.

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