Saturday, September 21, 2013

Practical Uses of ESP: Joe McMoneagle on How to Become a Psychic Detective

There are many practical uses of ESP including mediumship, dowsing, energy healing, remote viewing, induced after-death communication (a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder), past life hypnotic regression, and psychic detectives.

The use of psychic detectives is more prevalent than is generally known because most law enforcement agencies will not admit they use psychic detectives and they are not willing to work with psychics who talk about being a psychic detective. Joseph McMoneagle, one of the worlds greatest psychics and military remoteviewer, discusses psychic detectives on in is blog post: Do you tell anyone?.

If you think you are that good and the information is that good, you pick up a phone and call someone at your local FBI Regional Headquarters and give them your name. You tell them you are a psychic [don't try and explain remote viewing, they don't care about it] and you have information you feel is important. Then you give them the information. They take it and put it all in the “Nut-bag File.” If it comes true, they will show up at your door and you will be seriously interviewed and asked where you were and what you were doing when it occurred. I hope you have a great alibi for where you were when it happened.

Now, you keep doing that, until you’ve established a track record that contains more accurate information than inaccurate information, at which point they will then take you out of the “Nut-bag File” and give you a confidential informant number, and may actually accept your phone calls. However, and this is critically important you hear this because I will only say this one time. If you tell anyone you are working for the Government or the FBI, and they find out you said that, you will go permanently into the “Nut-bag File” and they will never speak to you again. The rule is; if you talk about their business, they will have no business to do with you. And that is the same with every law enforcement agency I’ve ever had any knowledge of.

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