Monday, June 1, 2009

Induced After-Death Communication

Michael Prescott has reposted his article on Induced After-Death Communications. Induced after-death communication (IADC) is a therapy developed by a Veteran's Administration psychologist that helps patients with post traumatic stress syndrome. The therapy allows the patient to communicate with the spirits of those who's death was involved in the traumatic experience of the patient.

Another good article on IADC can be found on Michael Tymn's Blog.

The IADC web site is also worth a look.

I see IADC as a breakthrough in spirit communication techniques. It is the patient who has the experience not the facilitator. Also, any therapist can be trained to be a facilitator. In contrast, when you go to a medium, the medium has to have a lot of training and must also have special innate characteristics to do the mediumship and then you still don't get to see the spirits, it is the medium who does.

This is the type of breakthrough one would like to see coming from a parapsychology lab. I wish more parapsychologists were interested in afterlife research.

I would like to see more applied research of this type. It is exactly this type of discovery - something that helps the ordinary person to experience psi without a mystical intermediary - that will expand belief in psi and the afterlife. The benefits to the experiencer is also something that has the potential to generate government funding for further research.

On my web site I have a section that discuss other practical applications of psychic phenomena: If paranormal phenomena were real we would see signs of it in society.

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