Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is it like to communicate with spirits?

Several months ago, there was a thread in a discussion forum on what it is like to perceive psychically. While I have described some of my experiences taking classes in mediumship on my web site, there are some aspects to the experience that I didn't include on my web site which I explained more fully in the discussion forum...

In mediumship class, I experienced several different types of psychic perceptions. Most of the time I perceived things visually. Occasionally I would also get words, smells, sounds, emotions, other sensations, and make gestures.

  • Visual perceptions would appear in my mind's eye, like remembering what something looked like, like a dream, like hypnogogic imagery. It was quite an ordinary sensation which is why it can be hard to teach some people to recognize their psychic perceptions. They are expecting something extraordinary and mystical, and overlook the ordinary.

  • Sometimes I would feel words in my mouth as if I was about to say them. Other times words would come to me as if I was thinking them.

  • Smells seemed to be real, and outside myself as if others could smell them too.

  • Sounds also seemed to be real, outside myself as if others could hear them.

  • I usually didn't recognize that I was being influenced when I used a gesture. A couple of times I was told by different sitters that a gesture I made during the reading was significant. The gestures were uncharacteristic of me and very meaningful to the sitter.

  • Other types of sensations would also occur. Often, if I asked the spirit how he died, I would feel a sensation in the part of my body associated with the cause of death. For example, I would sense a tingling in my chest if the spirit had died of a heart attack.

  • I would occasionally feel emotions. Once when the spirit wanted to convey her love for the sitter, I felt how she felt. It was a very moving experience.

Communicating with spirits is different than other forms of psychic perception because the perceptions are induced by spirits. They can influence your body with their mind the way you would influence your own body with your own mind. Because of this, you don't have to be very psychic to get impressions from spirits because they do part of the work by influencing you. You don't have to rely entirely on your own abilities. This is especially true in a class setting because of the presence of spirit guides and the skill spirits develop with practice. The longer a student has been in class the better the spirits of his deceased friends and relatives will be at communicating with living people. Having a group of psychics together in the same place seems to have an effect that makes psychic perceptions easier too. Also, some spirits will be a good match for a particular person, and it will be easier to perceive communications from them than other spirits. It's a lot like when you meet someone and you immediately know you like that person and can you understand each other easily when you speak with him, you just have a similar way of thinking about the world. It can be like that when communicating with a spirit.

When I would do a reading in class, I would look around the room and one of the people there would somehow stand out from the rest. This could be a pronounced visual effect as if I was viewing just that one person through a telephoto lens. That is how I knew who I was going to give a reading to. Then I would close my eyes and I would see a person (the spirit) in my mind's eye. I would describe the spirit and the sitter would say if he recognized the spirit. I would mentally ask the spirit questions like what he did in life, and what he used to do when he was with the sitter. I would usually get some type of visual answer which I would describe to the sitter. If I asked how he died I would usually feel a sensation the part of the body that was associated with his death. For example, if he died of a heart attack, I would feel something in my chest. All of this often worked very well and the sitter could identify the spirit and confirm the information I conveyed.

Sometimes when I was giving a reading in class, I would also get a strong impression of the personality of the spirit. I think this is one way mental mediumship is superior to physical mediumship. It is harder for the spirit to lie to a good mental medium because of the mental contact.

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