Monday, October 1, 2012

Can Spirits Interact with the Physical World?

A week or two ago I was involved in an on-line discussion on whether spirits can interact with the physical world. It got quite heated. The moderator had to get involved, and one member decided to leave the forum. The discussion was not about whether consciousness survives death but what type of evidence for the afterlife is genuinely caused by spirits. One member of the fourm did not believe spirits could communicate in language, or appear in human form, or interact with the physical world.

I posted a lot of evidence I think shows that spirits can communicate in language, appear in human form, and interact with the physical world. Since some readers of this blog may find those posts interesting I have included the links to them below:

  • Excerpts from my article on Mrs Piper. The article describes how the characteristics of communication varied with the spirit not the medium or the sitter. This is strong evidence that the communication is coming from spirits.

  • Excerpts from my article on The Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason where his arm was temporarily amputated during a seance.

  • I discussed my own experiences learning mediumship at a spiritualist church.

  • My article on super-psi explains why survival after death is a much better explanation than super-psi for the afterlife phenomena.

  • A person I know of who at first was frightened when he started to see spirits but eventually became a very good medium.

  • A boy who saw spirits that I know of from my own contacts among mediums.

  • Excerpts from A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife by Victor Zammit. The excerpts indicate that the well respected investigators, Guy Lyon Playfair, William Roll, and Ian Stevenson all believed some poltergeist phenomenon is due to spirits.

  • One might suppose that when a mediums sees a spirit it is just a mental impression that looks real, a type of hallucination. This might make sense if the spirit is trying to communicate with the medium. However that does not explain why mediums see spirits going about their own business and not attempting to communicate with the medium.

  • The possibility of spirits interacting in the physical world was said to be unlikely, it would be redundant because the way spirits interact in the physical world is through human bodies. I replied that as incarnated humans we are not aware of our spiritual nature. However, spirits are able to interact with the physical world while remembering they are spirits and retaining their spirit faculties, so it is not redundant.

  • I made the point that the mediums generally believe they are perceiving spirits. Because mediums live with the phenomenon every day of their lives, over decades, and know intimately all the intricate details of the phenomenon, they are more likely to form a correct interpretation of the phenomenon than someone who is basing his opinion on written second hand accounts.

  • My post about William Cartheuser that linked to the article on him at It describes a test conducted in a recording studio under controlled conditions where spirits spoke into microphones 20 feet in the air and spoke at frequencies higher and lower than any human voice could produce.

  • Excerpts from the article on George Chapman, who was a trance medium who performed psychic surgery.

  • The point came up that many of the best mediums worked in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I pointed out that there were also extremely good mediums in the relatively recent past:

  • Excerpts demonstrating that the mediumship of the past cannot be disregarded as fraud. There are many cases where conjurers were unable to produce mediumistic phenomena under the conditions in which the medium did and refused challenges to attempt it. Furthermore reputable observers have observed phenomenon under conditions where fraud was impossible.

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