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Psychic Development

Psychic Development Should be Undertaken as Part of Spiritual Development

Psychic development should be undertaken as a part of spiritual development. Psychic abilities are the abilities that come from the spirit. The brain normally filters out these abilities while the person is incarnated in a physical body but sometimes some psychic abilities leak through. Psychic development will therefore help a person to better understand their spiritual nature. If a person develops their psychic abilities to a sufficiently high level of effectiveness, they may use them to help other people which will also provide those people with evidence that we are all incarnated spirits. If a person is going to undertake psychic development, it is important that they develop spiritually at the same time to ensure that they use psychic abilities ethically. Unethical use of psychic abilities will have negative karmic consequences.

Background information about psychic phenomena can be at the Psychic FAQ.


The following links have detailed information on ways to develop psychic abilities:

Most people have some psychic ability and that ability can be improved with training and practice. However, just like most people can pick out a tune with one finger on the piano but not everyone can play in a concert hall, there are a wide range of psychic abilities and even with practice and training not everyone will be able to become a working psychic. But even if a person only has a few experiences each year, they add up over time and that evidence of a person's spiritual nature changes the way they look at the purpose and meaning of life. So there is no reason why anyone should hesitate to develop their psychic skills.


The main method of psychic development is meditation. It calms the mind, particularly the logical analytical mind and makes your more aware of intuitive mental activity and psychic impressions.

Meditation also promotes spiritual development. Having a calm mind helps you live more mindfully, more in harmony with your spiritual values. When the mind is calm, and when you engage in relaxing concentration and mindfully notice when your mind wanders, you see that that poses, attitudes, and opinions are often just empty pretense. You see how distracting thoughts of attachments and aversions and selfishness are silly and you become less selfish, less egotistic. In the absence of selfishness, love arises naturally. Many, many near-death experiencers, mediums, and other teachers say the purpose of life is to learn to love. Meditation helps you to accomplish that purpose.

Quieting the mental noise helps you become more aware of faint mental impressions some of which might be psychic perceptions. In particular, meditation calms the analytical mind letting you become more in touch with the intuitive mental processes. It makes you more receptive to psychic impressions such as intuitions and communication from spirits of departed loved ones and spirit guides.


Practicing is also important for developing psychic abilities. In order to become more proficient using psychic senses you also have to test them so you know when they are working correctly. The book Discover your Psychic Powers by Tara Ward includes methods of meditation and ways to practice and test your psychic abilities.

Unbalanced Rationality

One obstacle to developing psychic abilities that some people experience is that due to education or career they are so habituated to analytical thinking that they cannot stop thinking analytically. Psychic impressions come from a different part of the mind so if you can't stop thinking analytically, you may have difficulty perceiving psychic impressions. If you think this might be a problem for you, it might help to try to suspend your logical and reasoning attitudes toward being psychic. This does not mean you should embrace irrationality, it means you should try to withhold judgment and be open to observation rather than relying on analysis and thinking. Try to be an observer rather than an analyzer or an explainer. There is nothing wrong with having strong powers of analysis and logic. However those modes are not the only way to be conscious. What is ideal is to be good at all modes of consciousness and know when to use each one rather than being unbalanced or uniformly weak.

If you are too analytical in your thinking it might be hard to accept the meditation exercises needed for psychic development. However consider the two following points:

  1. In the spirit world, the spirits do things by using their mental abilities the way incarnated humans use tools. If you want to use your spiritual abilities you have to do it through a mental technique.
  2. When harnessing your psychic abilities, the most important thing is intention. You need a technique to focus and maintain your intention and the details of that technique are arbitrary.

At first these two points might seem to be contradictory or mutually exclusive, however in actuality they are reinforcing and complementary. So, follow psychic development techniques as taught, understanding them as explained above and that the techniques seem to have worked for others. Once you see they work, you no longer need to worry about whether they make sense or not.


Classes in psychic development are an excellent way to develop psychic abilities because they allow you to practice giving readings to other members of the class. Another advantage to taking classes is that the spirit guides of the instructor may sometimes assist the students to have a more profound psychic experience in class than they can have outside of class. This is particularly true in mediumship classes. Also, there can sometimes be an effect from being in a group of people that enhances psychic functioning of the members of the group.

You can usually find classes in psychic development at Spiritualist churches and sometimes at New Age book stores and gift shops. Psychic development classes usually meet once a week. Classes at Spiritualist churches will usually cost less while classes by a popular psychic could be expensive.

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