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How to Communicate with Spirits

This post is about methods you can use to communicate with spirits by yourself without the help of a psychic medium. The techniques include methods for:

  • Communicating with recently departed loved ones.
  • Easy techniques for communicating with your spirit guides.
  • Techniques to develop a general ability to communicate with spirits.

Summary of techniques:

  • Techniques to communicate with a recently departed loved one. If you have recently lost a loved one and want to hear from them, these techniques might be of help.
    • Do-it-yourself Techniques
      • Self-guided Afterlife Connections.
      • Asking a spirit to come to you in a dream.
      • After Death Communication (ADC) includes a number of ways a spirit might contact you including signs, and various other types of direct and indirect communication.
    • Techniques that involve a facilitator.
      • Guided Afterlife Connections

  • Easy Methods for communicating with your spirit guides.
    • Meditating on a question for your spirit guides.
    • Ask your guides to answer your questions while you sleep.
    • Audio programs such as those produced by John Edward.

  • Techniques for the development of a general ability to communicate with spirits. If you want to increase your sensitivity to spirit communications and/or if you want to communicate with many different spirits, try these techniques. However, be aware that they require a long term commitment of time and effort to achieve results.
    • Take classes in mediumship.
    • Communicating in the hypnogogic state.
    • Practice spiritual healing.
    • Stream of consciousness writing.
    • Tune in to universal love to raise your vibrational rate.

The techniques are described in more detail below but keep in mind these points which apply to all techniques:

  • It will be easier to connect with spirits if you approach communication in a cheerful, loving manner.
  • When you are trying to communicate with spirits, don't just wait for them to communicate with you. That is like dialing the phone and only listening. You have to participate in the conversation. When communicating with spirits, you should ask them questions as well as listen for answers.
  • If possible try to obtain veridical information, that is information that you don't know but can verify. That will help you validate that the information is not coming from your own wishful thinking. When you try to obtain veridical information ask open ended questions rather than yes/no or multiple choice type questions. With open ended questions that you have no preconceived ideas about, there will be less possibility of your own thoughts interfering with any communications that may be coming from a spirit.

Methods for communicating with a recently departed loved one.

On a couple of discussion forums that I read, I recently noticed posts about two new methods for communicating with spirits. One is a do-it-yourself technique, Self-guided Afterlife Connections, and another makes use of a therapist to perform a Guided Afterlife Connection. Both of these methods are being promoted by Craig Hogan who was a co-author of Induced After-death Communications, a book he wrote with Allan Bodkin. Craig also wrote Your Eternal Self which is about evidence for the afterlife.

Guided Afterlife Connections seem to be an out growth of induced after-death communication (IADC) which is a therapy developed by Allan Bodkin, a Veteran's Administration psychologist, that helps patients with post traumatic stress syndrome. The therapy allows the patient to communicate with the spirits of those who's death was involved in the traumatic experience of the patient.

The Self-guided Afterlife Connection web site describes that method of communicating with spirits. It seems to be a guided meditation / hypnotic induction to connect with a lost loved one. The Self-guided Afterlife Connection method also prepares the student with information on what to expect during communication and that is very helpful - many people don't recognize spirit communications because they don't know what to expect.

This type of communication can work well if you want confirmation that your loved one is not really dead but still continuing to exist in the afterlife. It can also be helpful if you need to settle any unfinished business like apologies or something like that.

Another technique you use can try to establish a connection with a recently departed loved one is to ask them to come to you in a dream. Do this as you are falling asleep and they may connect with you in a dream.

After Death Communication (ADC) includes a number of ways a spirit might spontaneously contact you. This includes signs, and various other types of direct and indirect communication. More information about this is available at after-death.com

However, keep in mind that you can't guarantee that any particular spirit will be willing to communicate with you. Some spirits have other things to do and higher levels to move on to. Some spirits will not want you to be too attached to their memory because it might prevent you from moving past your grief, or it might prevent you from forming new relationships. John Edward wrote in one of his books that he had to wait for a long time before his deceased mother came through to him, and she did it through another medium, not to him directly. One of the forum posters discussing the self-guided afterlife connection also explained elsewhere on that forum that even though they had some success with that technique, they still wanted more communication with the deceased and were not getting it. If you try any of these techniques, have realistic expectations.

Quick Techniques for Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

You can ask your spirit guides to communicate with you when you are asleep and then when you wake up you may find the answers to your questions. This method was described by the user Anderw at afterlifeforums.com:

Now, onto your question: The type of beings that you are most likely to communicate with are your spirit guides. But you won't communicate with them through visual or auditory means most likely. It will be a subtle type of mental communication - essentially telepathy. You should have a good reason to contact them. Just doing it to do it probably will not yield much result. If you want to contact them, then think about whatever it is wish to ask them, and meditate/think on it a bit right before bed. Then, pay attention to the first thoughts you have when you wake up the next morning. You may not get/remember anything right away, but you'll get advice if it is beneficial to you!

The reason why it is most effective to do this at night is because we actually seem to travel (astrally) to the afterlife levels during sleep most nights. Therefore we consult with our guides, as well as relax and learn. For this reason, it is actually best to sleep on any major decisions, and see how you feel in the morning.

Meditate on a question for your spirit guides by repeating the question to like a mantra.

One very simple way of communicating with your spirit guides is to sit in meditation and try to concentrate on a question addressed to your spirit guides and notice the thoughts and impressions that occur when your mind wanders from concentrating on the question. This technique can become particularly effective if you develop your sensitivity by using some of the techniques in the following section.

Techniques for the development of a general ability to communicate with spirits.

If you are serious about developing a general ability to perceive communications from spirits you have to 1) have spirits who are willing to communicate with you over the long term, and 2) develop your sensitivity to faint mental impressions and sensations.

Ways to develop a general ability to communicate with spirits include:

  • Take classes in mediumship.
  • Communicating with spirits in the hypnogogic state.
  • Practice spiritual healing.
  • Stream of consciousness writing.
  • Tune in to universal love to raise your vibrational rate.

Whichever methods you use, this will be a long term project. It will involve developing your awareness of and increasing your sensitivity to faint mental impressions. You will work with spirits by asking questions and and listening for their answers.

Take classes in mediumship.

One option for developing your ability to communicate with spirits is to take classes in mediumship where you can practice giving readings to your classmates. An advantage of classes is that obtaining veridical information is built in to the process. When you give your classmates a reading they will tell you if they recognize the spirit. I've described my experiences taking classes in mediumship at a Spiritualist church here and I provided more details here. I also include information on taking classes in mediumship on my web site on the page I link to in the next section that describes how to communicate with spirits from the hyponogogic state.

If you can't find mediumship classes in your area, or if they are too expensive, or if you prefer to learn by yourself, you can also learn to communicate with spirits on your own.

Practice communicating in the hypnogogic state.

I have described a technique I use for learning on my own on my web site. In this method, you learn to enter the hypnogogic state in which the mind is naturally receptive to psychic phenomena.

Practice spiritual healing.

The technique I use for learning on my own (linked above) includes a method of developing spiritual healing abilities because spiritual healing is a form of physical mediumship that involves the participation of spirit healing guides.

Practice stream of consciousness writing.

Anything that helps you get in touch with faint mental impressions or that helps unconscious thoughts to rise into your conscious awareness can be used to develop your sensitivity to spirit communication because, for most people, that type of communication is naturally subliminal. Most people do not consciously recognize the influence of their spirit guides but that influence exists nonetheless and influences their conscious mind. This is why the technique above, communicating from the hypnogogic state works. In the hypnogogic state, your normal waking mind is subdued and you become aware of mental activity that you would not ordinarily perceive. Another technique to get in touch with your unconscious thoughts is described on my web page Communicating With Spirit Guides Through Writing. When you practice this technique, you write whatever comes to your mind. The objective is to let your thoughts flow without inhibiting them, analyzing them or judging them. The purpose is to practice letting thoughts flow from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind freely.

Tune in to universal love to raise your vibrational rate.

Positive emotions like happiness and love, particularly love for the spirit, will make it easier for the spirit to get through to you. My web page on meditation includes a method of Tapping into Universal Love which can help you raise your vibrational rate and improve your communications with spirits.

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