Sunday, April 15, 2012

Keeping a Dream Log as a Means of Having Psychic Experiences

Keeping a dream log can help you to have psychic experiences. To keep a dream log, write down any dreams you can remember as soon as you wake up from sleep. In the book An Experiment With Time by J. W. Dunne the author suggests that asking yourself "what was I thinking about and why" as soon as you wake up will help you to remember your dreams. His book describes how he became aware that he had many precognitive dreams once he started keeping a dream log. It may also help you to remember your dreams if you suggest to yourself, as you are falling asleep, that you will remember your dreams.

Many people have experienced precognition, communicating with sprits, being aware of remote locations and other psychic experiences during dreams. Andrew Paquette in his book Dreamer has described some additional types of psychic experiences many times in his dreams.

The types of psychic experiences people report having during dreams include:

  • Spirit Communication
  • Precognition
  • A spirit guide gives them spiritual teachings.
  • Helping an earth bound spirit.
  • Giving spiritual healing to someone in need of healing.
  • The dreamer may experience what is happening at a remote location and when he wakes up he may be able to verify those things happened.
Keeping a dream log may also be useful in psychic development because it helps you to develop the ability to be conscious of faint mental impressions (half forgotten dreams) which otherwise would be unconscious. This ability may lead to more psychic experiences when you are awake because anything that helps you to develop the ability to bring unconscious mental activity into consciousness may help to increase the frequency with which you have psychic experiences.