Saturday, June 28, 2014

The multiverse argument for the existence of paranormal phenomena.

Belief in God and intelligent design is supported by the evidence that our universe seems to have been improbably finely tuned for the existence of life. But even so, scientific knowledge of chemistry indicates the probability of life arising and evolving on earth is vanishingly small. Materialist have responded to these facts by proposing a "multiverse theory", a theory that there are a nearly infinite number of universes, each slightly different so that there is a chance of one like ours existing.

However, postulating a large number of universes does not help he materialist cause. In fact, it hurts it. In addition to the fact the multiverse theories themselves require fine tuning, one cannot escape the fact that if there are enough universes to explain the existence of our "improbable" universe as the result of chance, then there should be enough universes to provide the chance that our universe could also include God, spirits, Sasquatch, intelligent designer(s), UFOs, alien abductions, psi, etc, etc. The possibility of the multiverse is no reason to favor naturalism, but it is a reason for accepting the evidence for any paranormal phenomenon. If you believe in the multiverse, then anything is possible and you have no grounds to reject any paranormal phenomenon.

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