Monday, March 10, 2014

Exopolitics Lectures from the 2010 X-Conference

The UFOTVstudios youtube channel has a playlist of lectures on expolitics from the 2010 X-Conference. Exopolitics is the study of the politics of the UFO phenomena and of extraterrestrial entities. Exopolitics involves discussions of the reasons for government secrecy on these subjects and the political consequences of full disclosure of information about them by the government.

Below are some videos that I liked. There are additional interesting videos on the playlist which you might enjoy watching, but there are also some videos there which I believe contain unreliable information ... so view them at your own risk.

The X-Conference : The Stephenville TX UFO Wave - Angelia Joiner

The X-Conference : UFOs and the National Security State - Richard Dolan

(The second video below is from a different channel and playlist but I am including it here because it is also by Richard Dolan and I preferred it to the first video below from the X-Conference.)

PA MUFON Conference 10/09/2009 Richard Dolan

Debunking the UFO Debunkers - Stanton Friedman

The X-Conference : SURGICAL REMOVAL OF ALIEN IMPLANTS - Special Update - Dr. Roger Leir

The X-Conference : A New World Power Emerges for UFO Disclosure - A.J. Gevaerd

The X-Conference : The Government, UFOs & Crop Circles - Colin Andrews

The X-Conference : Plan C: Preparing for ET Disclosure - C. B. Jones, PhD

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