Monday, February 24, 2014

UFO Witness Testimony from Csetiweb Channel

The following videos of UFO witness testimony are from the csetiweb channel on youtube. Most of the witnesses are military or government officials. These videos are a few of my favorites but if you find them interesting, you can find more videos like these on the csetiweb channel. I thought Clifford Stone's testimony was particularly interesting and found many more interviews with him by searching on the internet.

I have read much of the UFO literature but I learned something important from these videos. Seeing a UFO or an alien can be a life altering event that causes a huge psychological disruption. It can turn a person's concept of humanity and our place in the universe upside-down. When the government tries to intimidate witnesses to prevent them from talking about their experiences to their colleagues, family, and friends it restricts the witnesses from an important way of coming to terms with their experiences. Also, when pseudoskeptics harass witnesses, it also causes psychological harm. Therefore, the government cover-up of the UFO phenomena and the pseudoskepticism it enables is extremely harmful to witnesses and can lead to broken families, lost jobs and even suicide. It harms not just the witnesses but the people close to them.

Interestingly, some of the witnesses say that they were inspired to talk publicly about their experiences because they wanted to fight back against the intimidation they experienced and fight back against the harm done to other witnesses. So, it seems that the cover-up and the strong-arm tactics used to enforce it may have been counterproductive and are leading to the demise of the cover-up.

Incident at Malmstrom - Capt. Robert Salas

"Cover-Up at Vandenberg" - Prof. Robert Jacobs Testimony

The Bentwaters Incident: Security Officer Larry Warren

"UFO Crash In Peru" - Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt Testimony

Colonel Phillip J. Corso was involved in reverse engineering technology from crashed UFOs:

Sergeant Clifford Stone participated in UFO crash retrieval:

Sergeant Karl Wolfe, US Air Force observed NASA photographs showing an alien base on the moon:

Alan Godfry, British police officer witnessed an UFO blocking traffic on a motorway:

"Re-Engineering an ET Craft" - Capt. Bill Uhouse:

"The Ministry's UFO Files" -- Nick Pope

The Lord Admiral on Bentwaters

"Project Blue Book: An Insider Speaks" - Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin, Esq.

"Saucers Over DC" - Col. Ross Dedrickson Testimony

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