Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UFO Secrecy and Spirituality

Scientists who have tried to calculate the likelihood of aliens evolving on other planets and coming to the earth have consistently concluded that aliens should be here. Recent discoveries of extrasolar planets have only increased the odds. Many people say they have seen alien vehicles and aliens themselves. This is not accepted by mainstream society most likely because the aliens and the government are trying to keep the presence of aliens secret. The fact that SETI has not detected alien radio communications is not necessarily surprising. Aliens would probably have technology far superior ours, why should we expect them to use the same communication methods we use?

It seems probable that intelligence agencies in the US (and maybe other governments) keep their knowledge of UFOs and aliens so secret and so well compartmentalized that even the highest elected and appointed officials do not have access to the information. This would protect and prevent the information from being be released by political means. There isn't just one reason the information might be protected so securely by the intelligence agencies there are many reasons:

  • Some aliens seem to be abducting people and there is nothing the government or military can do to stop it. If acknowledged by the government, this could cause panic, and make the government look incompetent. Simply admitting the existence of aliens might not be too disturbing, but saying that some aliens are abducting people and hybridizing with them (raping them), could be very disturbing to many people. Some of the things the abductees have said they were told by the aliens, (imminent wars, disasters, alien invasions that never seem to really happen) if given credence by governmental acknowledgment of an alien presence, could cause panic.

  • It is rumored that the US government (President Eisenhower) made an agreement with some of the aliens to receive advanced alien technology in exchange for permission to carry out abductions. Since there was no way to stop the abductions it seems to be more of a surrender than a pact. If true, this would be a huge embarrassment if it become public knowledge.

  • People who claim contact with aliens consistently report alien predictions of imminent natural disasters, wars, and alien invasions that never seem to occur. If the aliens could make these predictions in person to all of humanity, it could cause world wide panic and social disruptions.

  • Some aliens may look just like humans. This could lead to chaotic situations where some humans claim to be aliens and take advantage of the fear and gullibility of other people. Or, it could lead situations where some humans are accused of being aliens and are persecuted. It also creates the possibility that the highest levels of the government are infiltrated by aliens. It would be very embarrassing for the government to have to admit this as a possibility or a fact.

  • The technology the UFOs use for propulsion seems to be capable of speeds reaching thousands of miles an hour in the atmosphere without subjecting interior of the craft to extremely high acceleration forces. This technology might be theoretically obscure but it might not be difficult to construct with currently available materials. If this was acknowledged by the government, it could encourage all sorts of dangerous people (national governments and private individuals) to attempt to discover this means of propulsion. That could lead to the development of weapons like extremely fast missiles (long range or short range) that are impossible to defend against. The power source for the alien craft might also be adapted to produce a warhead for these missiles of unimaginable power.

  • The technology used to power the alien crafts, if made available to the public could disrupt our fossil fuel based economy. Obviously the current power structure doesn't want to change the status quo. But less obviously, if all the people currently employed in energy industries became unemployed, they would stop buying things and stop paying taxes until they found new jobs. The ripple effects could cause a deep recession or world wide economic depression. The new alien technology could ultimately have huge economic benefits and be good for society in the long run, but the transition from fossil fuels could be chaotic and traumatic for many people.

  • When secret military aircraft are accidentally observed by the public, the credibility of those observations can be damaged by misinformation ridiculing the observations as absurd reports of UFOs. Thus it would be harder to keep new and advanced military craft secret if UFOs were no longer a subject of ridicule.

  • The aliens don't use money. If a technologically superior civilization was known to not use money, people all over the world would question the current economic system on earth. If people demanded we organize the world economy on the same lines as the aliens organize theirs, it would threaten the power of the current elite which depends on monetary wealth for maintaining its power and luxurious lifestyle. The powerful will do what is necessary to maintain the current economic system.

  • The aliens may tell us the truth about the human soul or spirit and the truth about the history of human evolution and religion. This may contradict popular religions and scientific theories and could upset many people. Also, some people in the government might not believe this truth and consider the aliens to be demonic deceivers who should not be allowed to propagate heresy to the public.

  • The aliens may want to avoid disrupting the current cultures on earth. In the past, contact with European explorers led to the destruction of native cultures all over the world. Some aliens may want to avoid something similar and some aliens might be working to keep their presence secret. For reasons that might be ethical or simply selfish some aliens may want to preserve the current cultures on earth. The government may agree that there is a danger to earth culture and cooperate in keeping the alien presence secret.

  • If the presence of aliens is disclosed, no matter what the true alien agenda is (and there may be different groups of aliens with different agendas), some people will believe what the aliens say and some will not believe what they say. Some people will believe what the government says about the aliens, some people will not believe what the government says. Some people will benefit from the changes the aliens bring about, some people will find their own interests are harmed by those changes. No matter what the alien agenda is, it has the potential to cause intense social disruption. This could lead to fracturing of society into different factions and could lead to massive protests, boycotts, or other forms of resistance against governments, and could have significant effect on the world economy. Many people might feel a greater allegiance and loyalty to the aliens than to the human governments. Certain and factual knowledge of the alien presence is a grave danger to the status quo. Those in power benefit from the status quo and will resist change.

  • Those people responsible for suppressing information about aliens may have committed crimes or violations of the US constitution in order to keep that information secret. They will be reluctant to divulge what has been going on because they could face criminal charges.

There isn't enough public information to make a correct judgment about whether the government's response to the aliens is good or bad. For example, there are purportedly many cases of military jets trying to intercept UFOs and recent rumors of US beam weapons being used on the UFOs. Is the government trying to prevent abductions or trying to discourage friendly aliens from making their presence known? Also, there could be different factions within the government doing different things with or without coordination or knowledge of each other. Some government actions might be good and some might be bad. It is not really possible for us to judge what is going on due to a lack of information.

Understanding the alien agenda also requires a spiritual perspective. We can't make a correct assessment of the phenomena unless we also know the truth about the human soul and human history on earth. There may be coordination in the spirit planes of aliens and humans on the earth plane, but we don't understand this while we are on the earth plane so we react with fear that is not appropriate. This is a very complicated subject but as an example to explain what I mean, suppose some aliens are hybridizing with humans as some abductees and abduction researchers claim. Where will the souls of the hybrids come from? What if there will be human souls incarnating in the hybrids? How can we tell if the aliens are invading the earth or helping humanity to evolve?

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