Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Forgiveness is a path to non-attachment.

When you realize that it is much more pleasant to forgive than to let hate and anger poison the quality of your existence, it becomes possible to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean you trust someone who is not trustworthy, or that you allow people to harm others or yourself with impunity, or that you allow others to treat you like a doormat. Forgiveness means you let go of the unpleasant feelings that poison the quality of your existence. You can take appropriate measures to protect innocent people and help offenders learn, but you do it out of love not hate or anger.

Forgiveness leads to non-attachment. A large part of what some people call "enlightenment" is forgiveness. When you understand the power of forgiveness, you will want to forgive everything and everyone because it results in a more pleasant existence. At the root of all attachments is liking and disliking. When you want something you don't have or don't like something you do have, you might blame another person, fate, the universe, God, yourself, or some such object of blame. When you forgive that object of blame, you let go of your anger and desire and you develop non-attachment. Try to forgive other people for doing things you don't like. Forgive fate or God for bringing things into your life that you don't like. Forgive yourself for falling short as you try to live up to the expectations you have for yourself.

It can help you forgive others if you try to understand why someone would do what they did. How did they learn to be the way they are? Were they victimized in their past? If you can remember when you made a mistake, it can help you understand why someone else might make a similar mistake. Periodically reminding yourself, "Forgive everything" or "Forgive others, forgive fate, forgive yourself" can help too.

Meditating daily can also help you to develop forgiveness and non-attachment.

Revenge will not bring you advancement in the afterlife. Forgiveness will. Turn adversity into advancement by forgiving.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Spirits say about God.

I have previously posted about the direct voice medium Leslie Flint. Here are some quotes from spirits communicating through him that show spirits believe God.

Alfred Higgins

And here we live together in peace and harmony. And colour and nationality mean noting to us. We're all seekers, we're all children of one God developing and progressing together in love and in harmony. There's none of this nonsense that you get on Earth and none of this narrow-mindedness and this pettiness. There's no friction like there is in your world between religions and organisations and political parties and all that sort of thing. Here we understand, here we realize that we are all truly part of God's kingdom, we're all part of his handiwork and that we're all striving to develop and to better ourselves mentally and spiritually. And we're very human.

Lord Birkenhead

We can implant within Man the truth, and that truth shall make him free, and he shall learn to live and to dwell in peace and in harmony one with another, all nations under one God.

Rupert Brooke

Whereas man should be free and man should realise these things, and this is natural law - that God has created man in his own image and in consequence is indestructible. Only the material and physical aspect of life is destructible in itself, but you, the real spirit of man, goes on.

Charles Marshall

It is the development and it is the tremendous realisation that one must have eventually of how we are all linked and bound together and how actually the very fundamental thing that flows through us all, is the very essence which is of God. And so we gradually evolve more and more to God or become like him.

I do not refer to shape or form, I refer now to the infinite spirit which is the very life blood you might say of all humanity; where we lose in each other ourselves and discover that we are all in a oneness and in accord. And when we have this oneness and accord we reach a stage of spiritual development where we can be considered to be living in a form if you like of paradise because we are conscious of everything around and about us as being not only "us" but "all".

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