Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shared Near-death Experiences from Part IV

This is Part IV, the last of a series of posts about shared near-death experiences published at is a web site run by near-death experience researcher Dr. Jeff Long M.D. and Jody Long. The site has a web page on Exceptional NDE Accounts. Below are two more accounts of shared near-death experiences from that page.

  • Darlene K's NDE 2948:

    Darlene had a near-death experience which she shared with her cousin Lucy. They met a group of people who were expecting Lucy and Darlene observed Lucy's life review. Darlene was told she wasn't supposed to be there and returned to her body.

    I was asleep. Then I was floating above my body. I observed the shine on my hanging copper pot and the pretty colors of my quilt. I watched my body but I don't recall seeing Mom in the room with me at that time. I floated up to the ceiling.

    Lucy entered the room with the bright rays of sun through the window. She had no body, like me. We greeted each other happily and played, spinning and twirling in the air. It was fun.

    When we stopped, she took me up through a dark tunnel with an intense light at the top. When we arrived, there was no top or bottom. There was nothing there but love. It was pure love. Intense love. Everything was okay. Everyone there was okay. They were all happy, loving beings. They were expecting Lucy. They talked with her and laughed with her. I watched them and felt the love all around me. They reviewed Lucy's past. Suddenly, I felt a being communicate, "You're not supposed to be here."

    After her near-death experience, Darlene learned that Lucy had died that morning. During her NDE, Darlene felt she was more conscious and alert than normal and she experienced heightened colors and smells. She believed her experience was real. When she reached the light she said about it, "the totality of life was love and happiness". She described it as "endless in scope". She felt, "intense love, joy, happiness, and sympathy (for Lucy). I had the most incredible peaceful feeling that I've ever had in my life."

  • Meg A's NDE 903:

    Meg had a rare hellish NDE after she was severely injured a car crash. She descended to a lower realm with the driver of the car. The driver remained there, but Meg returned to her body and recovered from her injuries. When she regained consciousness she learned that the driver of the car had died. If you want to read more about this near-death experience click on the link above. While it is different from many other NDE's I have written about, it is consistent with what I have written elsewhere about the afterlife. For perspective on this experience, see my posts on:

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