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Shared Near-death Experiences from Part III

This is Part III of a series of posts about shared near-death experiences published at is a web site run by near-death experience researcher Dr. Jeff Long M.D. and Jody Long. The site has a web page on Exceptional NDE Accounts. Below are three more accounts of shared near-death experiences from that page.

  • Douglas T NDE 3334:

    Douglas had a near-death experience during a heart attack. At the same time, two hundred miles away, unknown to Douglas, his grandfather was also having a heart attack.

    There was no tunnel of light that I hear some much about, it was just an expanse of white light. Off in the distance to my right was what appeared to be the shadow of a large oak tree with a large group of people standing under it. As I got closer the this group I recognized the people standing in the front of the group as my grandmother, my great uncle Glenn, my great aunt Lala, my great aunt Wanda her husband Lee, a woman that was like a grandmother to my sister and me and then a group of people that I thought I knew but at that time I couldn't put names to their faces. I tried to speak to them but all they would say to me is "We're not waiting for you go home". I spoke to most of these people and everyone said the same thing "We're not waiting for you go home". Then the last thing I remember from that side was my grandfather's voice, I did not see him I just heard his voice say "Your the luckiest boy I know". Then three days later I awoke in the hospital with my Mother and Sister standing over my bed. My Mother says that my first question was about the play I was working on at the time and my second question was about my Grandfather. The Doctors told her not to tell me right away that he had died two days earlier so as not to put me in shock.

    During his near death experience Douglas met a group of his deceased relatives but they told him that they were not gathered waiting for him. Then he heard the voice of his grandfather whom he thought was still alive. When Douglas woke up three days later in the hospital, he learned that his grandfather had died two days earlier.

    Douglas felt his near-death experience was real. It was as if he was seeing and talking to people as he normally did, but he felt more conscious and alert. He described his sight and hearing as clearer than they normally were. He felt joy, love, and the absence of stress. During his near-death experience, Douglas met deceased relatives he had never seen before. After his NDE, Douglas could identify them in photographs.

  • Erika R NDE 6354:

    Erika was eleven weeks pregnant when she had a near-death experience. It occurred when she lost consciousness while she was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because of an asthma attack.

    Then I was moving through this purple light. Although it was dark, I wasn't afraid. I then entered pure white light. I have a hard time explaining how and what I felt, because there is no words I can find to describe how beautiful, loving and peaceful it was. It was like I was surrounded in warm, loving wings of light. I have never felt anything close to this, before or after, this experience. I heard a little boy's voice say ,"Mommy, don't leave me." (I thought it was my 7 year old son...who asked me if I was going to die as I was leaving my house with the EMTs).

    Later, after the birth of her unborn son she recognized this voice as belonging to him. Her NDE continued:

    I did not want to leave where I was; I have never felt so good. Then I saw my Mother-in-law, who died 4 months before. She told me that I didn't belong there-that I had to go back.

    Next thing I remember I am looking down at the EMTs and Paramedics as they're wheeling my body from the ambulance into the hospital. Then I am behind my Mother who is talking to doctors in the ER about what was happening with me.

    I regained consciousness off and on for a few hours until I was put into a medication-induced coma. I woke up sometime on Monday, connected to a ventilator and many other devices that were keeping me alive, including an insulin pump.

    During her near-death experience, Erika felt her senses were sharper than normal. She described her experience "not dream like". She believed it was real. During her near-death experience, Erika felt love, peace, contentment, and happiness. She observed her mother talking to doctors in another part of the hospital. After Erika recovered, she verified this had occurred when she was unconscious. After her son, whom she was pregnant with during her NDE, was born, Erika recognized his voice as the child she heard during her near-death experience.

    The little boy I heard was my son, who I was pregnant with at the time. About a year ago we were in his bedroom, and I left to do something in another part of the house. He chased after me saying, "Mommy, don't leave me!" There was NO doubt anymore that I heard him during my experience.

    The memories of her NDE are more detailed than other memories from the same time of her life, she describes them as the strongest memories she has. She wrote, "What is waiting for us after we leave our body is so magnificent. Pure love. I am not afraid to die.". Since her NDE Erika has developed telepathy and clairvoyance.

  • Karen vDK NDEs 6359:

    Karen had two near-death experiences. The first occurred during surgery for internal bleeding caused by a previous operation for endometriosis. During her NDE, she met her grandmother at a "gate". Karen returned to her body but her grandmother remained.

    I was aware of a hugely intense feeling of love and compassion. I travelled through a kind of tunnel. Time didn't exist, and I found myself at a "gate," together with three figures. One of them, I recognized as my grandmother—whom I knew was alive at that time. The other two were other kinds of beings, human-like, but I couldn't identify them. The feeling of harmony, love, and goodness was overwhelming. At one point we were "told" we weren't allowed to pass yet and had to "go back." It wasn't communicated in words, exactly, though. We were both reluctant. I "went back," but my grandmother stayed.

    The next day Karen's husband told her that her grandmother had suffered a stroke and was in very serious condition.

    Karen's second NDE occurred three weeks later during an operation to save a kidney that was blocked by her previous operation. In her second NDE, Karen met her grandmother by the same gate. Again, Karen returned but this time her grandmother passed through the gate.

    I remember traveling through time and space, until I came to the gate. I vividly remember how intensely I was looking forward to it. My grandmother was still there. Words were not exactly spoken—it was more a communication of "knowing." It was in a totally different dimension. The two beings were there, too. The light was blindingly beautiful and all-encompassing. It's difficult to find words, but, as I seek them in my memories, tears are in my eyes. Then suddenly they let me know "It is not your turn yet." I remember vividly how I reached out for my grandmother, and her "energy" touched me and became a sort of lacy string of light. She went through the gate and—still with this tremendous feeling of love—the beings sent me back.

    Karen regained consciousness four days later and was told that her grandmother had died on the day of Karen's kidney surgery. During her NDE, Karen felt more conscious and alert than normal. She felt overwhelming love, harmony, and oneness with everything. After her experience, she understood that love is an important part of our existence. She wrote, "Love is the answer to everything." Karen also finds that she is now more tolerant in her relationships. She believes her experience was real.

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