Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Savants and ESP

Last month I posted on Acquired Savant Syndrome. Today I noticed an article Savants: What They Can Teach Us by Larry Dossey, MD that says Savants are often capable of ESP.

Savant is derived from a French word meaning “learned one.” Although they are often mentally or socially impaired, savants frequently possess astonishing creative and intuitive powers of obscure origin, in areas such as mathematics, art, or music.


“Savant syndrome” was popularized in the 1988 movie Rain Man. Kim Peek, the developmentally disabled man who was the inspiration for the film, knew more than 7,600 books by heart, as well as every area code, highway, zip code, and television station in the United States.


Many clinicians have reported savants capable of extrasensory perception, or ESP, also called psi.


The article describes one child who would know when his parents were going to pick him up from school, another who would know about conversations that occurred out of earshot and who had the ability to pick up thoughts, and another who would know when the telephone would ring and who would be calling.

In the same way that Acquired Savant Syndrome is explained by the filter model of the brain, so is ESP in people who are born as savants. The same abnormality in the brain that causes impariments like autism, may also damage the filtering ability of the brain that normally blocks certain facets of consciousness. When that filtering ability is damaged, the abilities that make them savants as well as the ability for ESP can manifest.

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