Friday, May 25, 2018

Many Emotions are Like Hallucinations

In a previous post, I wrote, Your logical mind is an illusion. In this post I explain why many emotions are like hallucinations. Taken together, the two posts explain why some people say that the reality created by ordinary consciousness is an illusion.

If you practice meditation, you may become familiar with the difference between ordinary consciousness and mindfulness. (One definition of mindfulness is dwelling in the present moment, in a relaxed state, with your awareness on your sense perceptions, and not thinking about the past or the future or trying to solve a problem. A simpler definition is being aware of what you are doing as you are doing it.) You may notice that many emotions arise from thoughts that distract your attention away from a state of mindfulness. As you learn to dwell in mindfulness, you realize many emotions are like dreams or hallucinations. Maintaining mindfulness does not feel like repressing a thought or feeling, it feels like waking up from a dream.

When you think of a person, you might visualize what they look like, but you know the difference between a mental visualization and really seeing someone. If you really saw someone who wasn't there every time you thought of them, you would be hallucinating. Emotions are like that. If you think of an experience that causes an emotion, you may really feel the emotion just like if you were having the experience. Emotions are a lot like hallucinations.

There is a well known sutra, The Heart Sutra, which says, "When the mind is no hinderance, no fears exist". When you are able to dwell firmly in mindfulness, without being dragged back into ordinary consciousness by distracting thoughts, you are not troubled by emotional hallucinations.

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