Monday, March 17, 2014

US Military Telepathic Communications with Aliens

Above Black is a book written by Dan Sherman that describes his experiences working in the US military as a telepathic communicator. In the two videos below, Dan also talks about his experiences. Dan says that his mother was part of a program in which aliens abducted pregnant women and genetically modified their unborn children so they would become capable of a very accurate and precise form of telepathic communication with the aliens. This form of communication could then be used by the government in an emergency when other forms of communication such as radio and telephone were unavailable. Most psychics are not accurate enough to replace a telephone so this would be a real breakthrough. Dan described his initial training method which included humming a tone inwardly, in his mind, not aloud, for four hours a day. For more information watch the videos below.

ET Contact Government Cover Up by Dan Sherman:

Alien Liaison: RichPlanet Interview with former U.S.A.F. Staff Sergent Dan Sherman:

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