Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spiritual Questions Answered by Carol and Mikey

Here is a video and two part audio interview (part 1 part 2) of a medium, Carol, who combines mental mediumship with physical mediumship. She communicates with the spirit of her son, Mikey, who died in a car accident. Some of the communication is through mental mediumship but they also use a pendulum to spell out words. The communications are mostly on spiritual topics, they don't give readings. However, you can read many questions and answers and even ask Carol and Mikey your own spiritual questions at

Here's a sample. In this post, Carol discuss prayer, and why prayer might not help with some of life's hardships:

This is Mikey's take on prayer:

Prayer is good and helpful to all. With prayer, there can be much power. But do know, that if you ask for something that would interfere with a life lesson you chose or someone else chose, it will not be answered. ... If you are thankful, and asking for something that is not related to a life lesson, often it will be answered. Mikey also says that prayer is as powerful "individually" as it is in a "group". (Such as in church.) Mikey also says that God is not a bad "parent". God is trying to teach us how to be loving and forgiving in all situations. In Heaven, we "choose these situations" we often are praying for here on earth. Therefore, God is actually helping us to achieve our goals!

Do all of you remember the movie "Young Frankenstein" where Gene Wildler tells the help when he is going into the room with Frankenstein, "No matter what I say, how I beg, or how loud I scream to let me out of the room, DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR!" So he goes into the room, and Frankenstein starts getting out of control. Gene Wilder immediately starts begging his help to OPEN THE DOOR! And of course they wouldn't because of what he said earlier. This is a similar scenario. Funny movie, but anyway do you see the point? Prayer won't change the plan we previously agreed to. Prayer is powerful, but it cannot interfere with a plan.

Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"

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