Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reports of Paranormal Experiences

If you like reading about paranormal experiences, you might be interested in the Reddit paranormal community. The column on the right margin has other reddit links on similar topics. I've started reading the rss feed.

I posted about this on an internet discussion forum and someone replied with a link to a thread in a discussion forum for nurses about their on the job paranormal experiences. It's a huge thread, as I write this there are over 281 pages with over 2177 posts. Below is my favorite, so far, because it shows a practical application of spiritual knowledge. It's on page 3:

Jun 13, '05 by ZASHAGALKA

We had a patient, chronic CHFer, always on the call button, hated being on fluid restrictions. you know the type: the nurses have to take turns during the shift answering the call button so the primary can actually do other work.

And this was a frequent flier cause he was very chronic, very borderline, and the hospital was the only place he wouldn't fluid overload.

I work 7p-7a. He died about 8pm. Oh the look on his face, like, "how could you let me die!" - Like it was our fault.

Anyway, family came and gone by 9pm, funeral home gone at 930pm.

About 10pm, the call button starts going off. I was there - call button going off every 5 minutes.

One of the nurses was a very spiritual girl. At about 2am, after like 4 HOURS OF THIS, nurse Mary snaps, 'Enough!'

She walks down to the room, and, practically screams into the empty room, "Mr X, you have died. You can't be in here bothering us anymore. Move along. In the name of Jesus, I'm exorcising you from this plane of existence. Go to the light and be happy!"

And I kid you not, the call button stopped going off then and there.


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