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The Physical Mediumship of Einer Nielsen

Last May I posted some links to photographs of seances where physical mediumship was demonstrated.

This link and this one have photos of ectoplasm and materialized spirits produced by the medium Einer Nielsen.

Recently Zerdini has posted some information about Einer in a discussion forum:

The Mediumship of Einer Nielsen

This tribute comes from a pastor of the Swedish State Church:

“On, January 2nd, 1938, I attended a séance for the first time. It was a materialisation séance with Einer Nielsen in Copenhagen. It was peculiar to have such an experience, but by and by I became used to it and got on friendly terms with the different spirits.

“Einer Nielsen is an excellent medium, and is able to produce nearly all kinds of phenomena. Furthermore, he is a kind and interesting personality with an inclination to humour.

“During all the years since my first experience, I have attended about a hundred and fifty séances with Einer Nielsen and met about four hundred different spirits, among them many of my relatives. I have met my wife at several other séances, too. It is delightful to meet her and to talk with her. She also caresses my cheeks. “

As Nielsen may, at the present time, be the only real materialisation medium in Europe, scientists ought to study the different phenomena before it is too late. Many thousands of people have, through him, become convinced of the after-life. Thus he has performed a great mission in the service of God. I am greatly indebted to him for all that I have personally had through him and through his séances.

“Twice I have sat in the cabinet and kept hold of the medium’s hands. The ectoplasm came directly through his clothes. One figure that of Rita, rose up from the ectoplasm grasped my arm, and we went out together to the sitters and talked with them. Once I asked her to go to the artist Ernst Norlind and take hold of his beard, because he did not believe in her. She did so, and again took my arm. Twice Rita has kissed me. The first time she kissed my cheek. The second time she touched my upper lip with her upper lip. At the same time I felt her breathing. I told her that it was very interesting. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘how could you live without breathing?’

“At another séance, Knud, one of the controls, took a railway ticket out of the pocket of one of the twenty coats which hung in the hall and put it in the mouth of its owner. After a moment he took it away and put it between my fingers, where it stayed until the séance was over.

“When Queen Astrid materialised and came out of the cabinet, I asked if she would allow us to take a photograph of her. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘you will get a good photograph of me.’ **

A week later she again materialised. I grasped her hand and thanked her for the beautiful photograph. She laid her hand upon my head and blessed me. Some Danish people asked if they were allowed to send the photograph to one of the princes who was interested in the cause. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘give my love to him.’

“Once, on a Good Friday, the Bishop Kingo came and delivered a beautiful talk. He said, among other things, ‘We have also celebrated as a festive occasion the remembrance of Jesus’ birth to the heavenly life.’

“My wife, who passed on February, 4th, 1946 has since materialised seven times and talked with me and caressed my cheeks. We are both very happy to meet. In the beginning my wife was very much against my Spiritualistic work.

She thought that we were hypnotised. It was also rather difficult to get her to attend séances. At last it succeeded in a peculiar way. She got the great chance to meet her first husband, and then she did not oppose me anymore. Now she is helping me in many ways and appears at different séances.

“At one of my first séances Pastor Christensen appeared, and said that he was working in the dark spheres and that the work was very hard. At another séance I was photographed together with him.

“Many people have met their relatives, and kissed and embraced them. It is a great experience when relatives meet each other in that way. At one séance a cousin of mine came and put her bare arm upon my hand and stood there for some minutes, but she did not talk, On another occasion she turned round, as if she had intended to approach us, and laughed. Probably some spirit told her something jolly.

“It is impossible to remember all the different séances I have attended with Einer Nielsen. I regret to say that I have not kept notes. However, what I have related may give an idea how interesting and abundantly fruitful these séances are.

“Martin Liljeblad, Pastor of the Swedish State Church.”
“Halsingborg, February 18th, 1949.”

**Liljeblad set up three cameras in different positions, arranging for them to take simultaneous pictures using a white flash. All three cameras secured photographs.

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