Friday, November 2, 2012 Near Death Experience Research Foundation

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation has many accounts of near-death experiences in their archives. An e-mail correspondent recommended Jacqueline's Father's NDE. I thought it was particularly interesting because it describes a shared death experience where a living person witnessed angels coming to take away the soul of a person who died. It also demonstrates how valuable psychic perceptions can be in helping those suffering from grief.

Jacqueline's father had been hospitalized with cancer. While he was in the hospital, he saw angels come to take the soul of Danny, who shared the same hospital room, when Danny died. At that time, the angels accurately told Jacqueline's father when they would be coming back for him. Jacqueline eventually told Danny's mother that angels had come for Danny at his death and this was a great relief to her because she had been worrying about Danny's fate in the afterlife.

About two weeks before he died he told us that he would not be here in two weeks, my sister asked him why where are you going Dad?, he said I will be dead. He said this the night another young guy named Danny died, Danny had melanoma and was in the bed opposite Dad. Dad relayed to me what happened just prior to Danny taking his last breath, Dad saw 2 large Angels enter the room and stand on either side of the bed not touching the ground, Dad heard Danny take his last breath and then Danny with the 2 Angels stood at the foot of Dads bed. One of the angels said to Dad we will be back for you in 2 weeks time. Dad died exactly 2 weeks to the day that Danny died. He told me that when he saw Danny's soul that he was happy and rejuvenated. Another thing Dad told me do not be afraid of death as it is like walking through a door. My father went from being a person who believed in nothing to being saved by Almighty God and for that I am so grateful and privileged to have been a witness to his saving grace. A few years after Dad died I get getting a message that I had to find Danny's mother and tell her about her son. I said Lord I do not know where to find her if you want me to tell her I am sure you will help it happen. It became very persistent that I find her, as luck or divine intervention would have it I happened to be working with Danny's best mate, I only found out when we were talking about previous jobs we had done. I told him where I had nursed and he told me his best mate had died there in the year I nursed there. I asked him his mates name and when he told me I said thank you God. Danny's friend put me in touch with Danny's mother that very day and I asked her if I could come and see her immediately after work she said yes. Danny's mum was a very frail little old lady and I was so afraid to tell her about Danny's last moments for fear of her not believing me or upsetting her. I told her what my father had witnessed when Danny died, she broke down crying, I was mortified as I thought I had done the wrong thing.

I said I am sorry for upsetting you like this. she said you have not upset me these are tears of joy, you have made me the happiest mother alive, she said she had fretted for years wondering what had happened to Danny after he died and know she knew that he was saved. God moves in mysterious ways. Danny's mother had been suffering severe depression since his passing Danny was 26 yrs old when he died, my Dad was 51 yrs old and they both died on a Sunday 2 weeks apart. I hope this gives comfort to a lot of people out there, Jesus and God are real Angels are real I know because my Dad saw them and was saved. God bless all of humanity.

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