Friday, May 11, 2012

Retrocausality demonstrated with quantum entanglement.

The phenomenon of retrocausality, where a cause comes after it's effect, seems to occur in some experiments in parapsychology. For example, in micro-pk experiments, people seem to be able to affect a random number generator through their intentions after the random numbers have already been generated.

Now retrocausation has been demonstrated by scientists studying quantum entanglement. An article at describes an experiment where photons can be caused to be entangled at an earlier time than at which the cause occurs. This can be done after the photons have been measured or even destroyed.

"The fantastic new thing is that this decision to entangle two photons can be done at a much later time," said research co-author Anton Zeilinger, also of the University of Vienna. "They may no longer exist."

The article is here.

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