Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Extraordinary psychic claim from grieving mother: Dead son’s spirit holds my hand to write letters to me.

The Sun has an article about a mother who learned to communicate with her deceased son through automatic writing:

Sally then visited the medium, who told her she had spiritual gifts.

She recalled: “She said that Tony wanted to write me a message, and that I should try automatic spiritual writing.

“I was advised to sit in a darkened room, completely quietly, holding a pen very lightly to paper and to ask Tony questions so he could write the answer.

“I tried it the next morning.”

To her amazement, as she sat down with a pen she felt an icy grip on her hand.

Then, without moving the pen herself, she found “Tony” written in her notebook.

Sally, whose husband is a car salesman also called Tony, said: “It absolutely drained me. It took hours just to get that one word — and by the end my whole body was tensed up. I felt freezing cold.”

With practice, the pair were soon chatting at length and with ease.

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