Monday, November 19, 2018

Solutions to Spiritual Problems

It is very common for people to have spiritual problems that they can't seem to find satisfying answers to. For example, someone who is afraid of death may want to know what the evidence for the afterlife is. Other common problems are, "What is the purpose of life?" and "Why is there so much suffering in the world?" There are very good answers to these questions but this article is about a different aspect to these problems.

These questions are often verbal expressions that are caused by feelings. When a person has a feeling and tries to put it into words, it can seem like something that needs to be solved through reason and information. However, when the question is really an expression of a feeling, reason and information may not influence the feeling and so the person is perpetually unsatisfied with whatever answer he may encounter.

This is because feelings are sometimes caused by the levels of various chemicals in the brain. Information may not alter the levels of these chemicals and so information may not change the feeling and therefore no answer is ever found satisfactory.

However, it may be possible to eliminate the feeling by changing the chemistry in the brain through some combination of diet, meditation, and exercise. When that happens the question disappears and in that way the problem is solved. I have written another post about methods that may be used to change brain chemistry in my article: A System for Spiritual Development: Hacking Your Brain Chemistry Without Drugs.

Altering your brain chemistry can help you understand many spiritual truths that you might have read about. This is because many spiritual truths are feelings put into words. They have to be felt to be understood.

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