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Eminent Researchers: Nobelist George Wald believed consciouness is not produced by the brain. Nobelist Brian Josephson believed the universe was created through the action of intelligence.

I have added the following entry on Nobelist George Wald to my web page on eminent researchers who believed in some paranormal phenomena because of their own research, the research of others, or their own experiences.

George Wald
(Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine)

From Wikipedia:

George Wald (November 18, 1906 - April 12, 1997) was an American scientist who is best known for his work with pigments in the retina. He won a share of the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Haldan Keffer Hartline and Ragnar Granit.

George Wald believed that consciousness was not produced by matter and that matter and life existed only because of preexisting consciousness.


... mind, rather than being a late development in the evolution of organisms, had existed always: that this is a life-breeding universe because the constant presence of mind made it so.


What we recognize as the material universe, the universe of space and time and elementary particles and energies, is then an avatar, the materialization of primal mind.

I also updated the entry for Brian Josephson
with the following:

Brian Josephson also believed that the universe was created through the action of intelligence. The following is an abstract from a talk given by

I shall argue for an explanation involving the idea that a more elementary form of life, not dependent on matter, existed prior to the big bang, and evolved at the level of ideas in the same way that human societies evolve at the level of ideas. Just as human society discovered how to use matter in a range of technological applications, the hypothesised life before the big bang discovered how to organise energy to make physical universes, and to make fruitful use of the matter available in such universes.

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