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Shared Near-death Experiences from Part I is a web site run by near-death experience researcher Dr. Jeff Long M.D. and Jody Long. The site has a web page on Exceptional NDE Accounts. Below are three accounts of shared near-death experiences from that page.

  • G Ryan's NDE 992: Greg and two friends fell when a balcony collapsed while they were filming of a movie. Greg was severly injured and his friend Charlie was killed. Before the medics arrived and began to revive him, Greg and Charlie shared an out-of-body experience.

    It was like, I blinked. My eyes were suddenly open, but my position had changed, I was now up high, I looked around me and found that I was on the balcony. I wasn’t flying, or floating, I was just crouching there on the edge looking down at myself, watching Shane remove the spike from my chest, he was shouting, but It was silent, no noise what so ever.


    My sight was not… human. It was fragmented, although I could see perfectly, if not better, it was not the sight I’d had previously, and everything glowed in a silvery way.


    Then something caught my eye. Something or someone was coming along the balcony just behind Jo. It was Charlie.

    I quickly looked down at his body. He was clearly dead. His head was precariously placed away from his shoulders. I looked back at Charlie. He was looking blank, but he had tears in his eyes. He sat down and dangled his legs on the over the broken ledge of the balcony just on the other side of the frantic Jo. He looked down at himself. “Charlie?” I asked, not knowing if he would hear me. He looked up sharply.


    He stood up, as did I, and we walked to each other.


    The NDE included veridical events and since the event Greg reports experiencing psychic perceptions. Greg felt the exerience was real, "not at all" dreamlike and he felt he was totally alert through out the entire experience.

  • David L NDE 3990: David wrecked the car he was driving and was severely injured. During his NDE he had an out of body experiece during which he communicated with is passenger who was also out of his body. While out of his body, David also visited his brother. He tried to communicate with his brother during that time but thought he had failed. Later, after he recovered he found out that at the time he was trying to communicate with his brother, his brother had a preminition that something had happened to David. This experience convinced him that he really had died during his NDE even though previously he had been an atheist.

    Then a voice up, in front, and to my right said, "Fear not. Do not be afraid." My uneasy feeling went away as I asked, "Who are you?" The voice answered, "Just call me father." In the center of my being I heard, "Christ." Then before me there was images. Fuzzy and dark like the scene of the car below my friend and I. But these images were all around me 360 degrees of vision in a circle that curved up and away like a bowl.

    I watched as a section of the image became brighter and clear. I could see myself at the age of two. Like a corridor of images stacked one in front of the other running away and up. As the bright area like a flash light was moving from the center in front of me to the left, I watched as the corridors of images showed my life at three, four, five, six and so on till the bright area got to the three o'clock position to my right.

    Then suddenly, I was standing in my mother's bedroom. The dog woke up and I said, "Hampton, it is OK." Then the voice up, in back, and to my right asked, "Is this not your mother." I said, "Yes" Then my vision was turned to the right where I would see through my younger brother's door. The voice asked, "Is this not your brother?" I said, "Yes"

    Then in the blink of an eye, I was 12 miles away. Outside my older brother's apartment. Looking down through the concrete floor of the second story, and looking through the steel security door of his apartment, I could see my brother reaching out to open the apartment door. Beside him was a shadowy figure. The voice up, behind me, and to the right said, "Is this not your other brother." Thinking that I could talk to the dog, and that my brother is awake, I started to say, "Charles. Get me out of this.. Charles. Get me out of this."

    The voice again said in a monotone voice, "Is this not your other brother?" Again, I said, "Charles. Get me out of this." Then the voice said in a fainter voice, "Is this not your other brother?" I said, "Yes" Then again in the blink of an eye I was taken 15 miles away to my father's apartment. Where I was hovering in the parking lot, looking through his apartment door, looking at him sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. I was looking through the news paper at this face when I wondered where his wife was. I was told that she is in the bedroom. Then I was asked, "Is this not your father?" I said, "Yes"

    David felt he was more alert than normal during the entire NDE. He later confirmed what he saw his mother, father, and brothers doing during his NDE. On several occasions since his near-death experience David has felt sensations similar to his NDE a couple of days before people close to the family have died and once he felt the presence of discarnate people who talked to him during in NDE.

  • William M NDE 4269: William fell asleep while driving. He was severely injured and his girlfriend was killed. They rose out of their bodies together are were met by ethereal beings emanating love and compassion beyond anything he had ever experienced. He communicated with them and with his girlfriend telepathically. They took his girlfriend higher while William went back into his body.
    Then I was aware that we were out of our bodies & quickly flying up toward space, holding hands. We flew straight up for a minute or so when we started to see a park or countryside-like landscape. It seemed to be in twilight, sort of dark, but we could see trees, bushes, etc. Suddenly, we were intercepted by 4 creatures. They seemed about ten feet in height & were invisible, but we could see a vague humanoid outline (my best description would be like the invisibility effect in the movie "predator" which I saw some years later. Two flanked each of us and began to gently separate us. They overwhelmed us with a feeling of the highest love & compassion that was well beyond anything we could experience on earth. A divine love. We therefore had no resistance to their effort. I recall feeling sort of like a baby in mother's arms, but it's hard to accurately describe. Two of them moved her upward toward the distant landscape & two moved me back downward. I felt so much love, peace, & comfort, that I wanted to protest & say "no, please let me stay here", but hearing inwardly (without ears) or psychically that I could not stay. Next, I could see my car, in flames, from maybe about a quarter mile up above. I felt a sensation of falling, & awakened in the car.

    During his NDE William experienced normal consciousness while out of his body but when he returned to it he drifted in and out of consciousness. While out of his body he was able to see the landscape which he was later able to verify. He feels the experience was real and that the afterlife is real.

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