Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Create Your Own Good Luck: Understand the Law of Karma

People who have near-death experiences and also many mediums who have communicated with spirits say that people chose a plan for their life before they are born. That plan determines the broad outlines of one's life. Also, we are all constrained by the laws of nature, the actions of other people around us, and the genetic and social circumstances of our birth. So, there are limitations to what is possible for each individual. However within those constraints, there is some room for flexibility. We have some ability to make plans and follow them to create the type of life for ourselves that we want.

However, there is also another factor that affects what happens to us in life. The law of karma. The law of karma states that we will experience the consequences of our actions and that good actions will have good consequences and bad actions will have bad consequences. If you want good thing to happen for you in life, within the constraints described in the preceding paragraph, use the law of karma. Avoid bad actions because they will have bad consequences for you. Try to do good actions because they will have good consequences for you.

Bad actions are actions that harm other people. Good actions are actions that help other people. Most people, most of the time, can figure out whether something is a bad action or a good action. There are a few complications, like when a person needs to learn something for himself and providing help would prevent him from learning on his own. In a case like that it might be better not to offer assistance.

Another complicated type of situation is when you see somebody doing something that is harmful to yourself or another person. Should you intervene? How? When one person does something that harms other people, those people are more likely to react in a way that also causes harm to someone. They might try to get revenge on the person who harmed them, or they might take it out on someone else. But if you see someone causing harm, and you stop him in a way that leaves him angry, that anger is going to find another victim.The best solution to these types of situations are solutions that break the pattern of harm. If you can somehow intervene in a way without leaving anyone angry, that would be a better solution. If you can find a way to break the pattern, either by absorbing the harm yourself and not transmitting it to someone else (and this is easier said than done), or by some other creative solution to the problem, that would be better than simply meeting negativity with negativity. Unfortunately, such difficult situations can be very complicated and an ideal solution may not always be apparent or available to you. In that case, a less than ideal solution might still be better than doing nothing.

However, when possible, if you are able to understand the law of karma, you can maximize the good consequences that come to you by doing only good actions and in this way create your own good luck in life.

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