Monday, October 22, 2012

Arthur Findlay College (The Real Hogwarts) Radio Out There Podcast

Barry Eaton, the host of Radio Out There interviews mediums he met taking a week long class in mediumship at Arthur Findlay college:


    Radio Out There Podcast: Program 408

    Arthur Findlay College

    The Arthur Findlay College offers facilities unequalled anywhere in the world in the Spiritualist movement as a residential centre where students can study Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfolding and kindred disciplines. Courses, lectures and demonstrations are all offered by leading exponents, together with the additional features of a library, museum, lake, magnificent grounds, recreational facilities and full board accommodation.

    Jose Medrado (Trance Painter) Channelling The Great Masters of Art

    José Medrado, whose multiple mediumistic faculties emerged in his childhood, others throughout his adolescence, started painting mediumisticly at the age of 27, when the spirit Renoir came up to him and proposed to jointly undertake a work which would "change paint into bread".

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