Monday, February 13, 2012

Rising Into Positive Territory.

If you want to improve your experience of existence here and hereafter, raise your thinking above the negative and into the positive.

Try to be mindful of your mental state and notice anger, hate, petulance, intolerance, sadness, blame, fear, and try to let go of those poses.

Some negativity is biological and you have to use the appropriate means to cope with that, but some negativity is cognitive and you can watch our for that and try to let go of it.

Let go of self-centeredness and self-importance. Gently look for love, tolerance, forgiveness in yourself. But, don't force it. Positive attitudes will arise naturally when negativity is absent. Also, sometimes conditions will be too harsh and you will have to accept that you are still learning. Be patient and try when you can. Don't forget to forgive yourself.

The hardest part is remembering that you should do this because life is complicated and distracting. You might print this out and place it somewhere to remind yourself to work towards positive territory. The effort is simple but you need to keep it in mind and do it.

Be mindful of how you feel physically and emotionally and let go of the negative attitudes and poses that you find you have control of. They may come back one second later so it requires attention, meditation, and mindfulness.

Focus on letting go of negativity and positive attitudes will arise naturally.

Meditate: observe yourself, the physical sensations in the body, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, poses and try to let go of the negativity.